Articular gymnastics academician Amosov

Gymnastics Amosov - a set of simple exercises to train the muscles, joints and cardiovascular system. It was developed and tested on itself Nikolai Amosov - academician, a prominent surgeon who was a pioneer in the new heart surgery.

The advantage of joint exercises Amosov is that it can make anyone, even in old age. It was then, after undergoing surgery, academician Amosov began testing it on myself after him, the system got carried away millions of people.

Regulations for the gym: do the fun, not to overcome joint pain, gradual load, rhythm and repetition. Pulse should be broken up during the exercise to the normal index - no more than two times the pulse condition alone

. The ultimate goal of the amount of exercise 100 times, you can at least start with 5, and each week add another 5 times. Each exercise is done 100 times.


1. Lying on your back, lifting the legs behind his head. The ideal situation is when toes touch the floor behind your head, if it is difficult to perform, will be enough to his knees touched his forehead. In this case it is recommended to keep the body weight on the shoulders and upper back, so there was no stress and pressure on your neck.

2. torso forward, touching the floor with your fingers. Tilt down - exhale, rise up - a breath. It is also possible simplified variant on the floor in a sitting position.

3. Rotation of the shoulders, arms in a circular motion of the shoulder joint with the maximum amplitude in the front - top - back. At the same time turn your head to the right and to the left to reach a greater effect in less time.

4. torso left and right, perform the same plane. One hand during tilting extends to the knee, the other to the armpit.

5. Take the hand of opposite shoulder blade while tilting your head forward, bringing your chin to your chest.

6. Turns with divorced his hands to the sides. Rotate the torso with his hands, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. The amplitude is desirable to be the maximum, but to carry out carefully, without forcing the pace too, so as not to twist, damage the spine.

7. Raising the knees to the stomach, from a standing position to raise your knees as high as possible to the stomach.

8. Push-ups - an ideal variant of the stop lying, or resting on a chair, a sofa, a wall. Taking into account the physical capacity and age.

9. Roman chair - sitting on a stool, put the toes under the couch. Lower the body back as far as possible, and then raise it forward. Leaning forward as though trying to get the toes. I leaned back, as if you need to develop, starting from the abdomen, and climb forward - roll up, starting with the chin. Warning: Exercise should be started with a very small amplitude, and do not rush to increase it, so as not to be injured. During tilt it recommended strain buttocks - it will significantly reduce the load on the lumbar muscles

. 10. Squats, hold back, or door handle, start with a small amplitude. For people "out of shape" can squat on the first chair. Carefully read recommendations for the implementation of this exercise. So as not to get hurt, follow three rules:

1) Body weight - on the heels;

2) shin - is perpendicular to the floor, that is, straight up, for this you need to be sure to hold on to a chair or doorknob;

3) knees "look" at the toes.

Represent need as we sit down in a chair, rather than squat, that is, the movement begins with the pelvis back, not with knee flexion. You should know that only a few young and well-trained athletes can not hurt your knees, crouching so that the knees are far ahead of the line of socks.


1. Squats
2. torso from side to side
3. Pushups (bring enough up to 50 times)
4. torso forward, fingers touching the floor
5. Alternate lifting lowering direct hands over his head
6. Turns torso with divorced hands (to bring up to 50 times)
7. Roman
chair 8. jumps on one leg
9. Get another brush
shoulder 10.
Birch 11. Raising the legs behind your head to your feet touch the floor
12. Pulling the abdominal muscles (to reach 50 repetitions).

In a first embodiment of gymnastics Amosov three exercises have similarities: 1 exercise - with the classic yoga posture of the plow; 2 exercise - pose the body at the feet of the slope; 4 exercise - triangle pose. In the second embodiment, these three exercises added two more similar: 10 Exercise - birch; 12 drill - retraction of the abdominal muscles.


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