Articular exercises academician Amosov

Gymnastics Amosov — a complex of simple exercises to train muscles, joints and cardiovascular system. It was developed and experienced Nikolai Mikhailovich Amosov — academician, a prominent surgeon who was a pioneer in the latest heart surgery.

The advantage of joint exercises Amosova is that it can make any man, even in old age. It was then, after the surgery, academician Amosov ran a check on her, after him, the system has fascinated millions of people.

The rules of the exercise: to do in a fun, not to overcome joint pain, gradual load, rhythm, and repetition. The pulse needs to be disbanded during exercise to normal rate — not more than two times the state of the pulse alone.

The ultimate goal of the amount of exercise 100 times, you can start with 5 and each week add another 5 times. Each exercise is done 100 times.


1. Lying on back, lift legs over head. The ideal option is when the socks touch the floor behind your head, if it is to perform difficult, it is enough that his knees touched his forehead. The weight of the body is recommended to keep the shoulders and upper back, so there was no load and pressure on the neck.

2. The trunk bending forward, touching the floor. Tilt down — exhale, lift up and breath. It is also possible a simplified version of on the floor, in the sitting position.

3. Rotation in the shoulders, the circular movement of the arms in shoulder joints with a maximum amplitude of front up ago. Simultaneously turn your head to the right and to the left to achieve a greater effect in less time.

4. Of torso left and right, perform in the same plane. One hand while tilting stretches to knee, arm to the armpit.

5. To get the hand opposite the shoulder, at the same time tilting the head forward, bringing chin to chest.

6. Turns with divorced hands. Rotate the torso together with the hands, first clockwise, then against. Preferably the amplitude should be the maximum, but to run carefully, not forcing the pace too, so as not to kink, damage the spine.

7. Knee lifts to the stomach, from a standing position to lift as high as you can knees to the stomach.

8. Pushups — perfect from the support position, or leaning on a chair, sofa, wall. Takes into account the physical capabilities and age.

9. The Roman chair is sitting on a stool, to put feet under the couch. Lower the trunk back as far as possible, and then raise it forward. Bend forward as if trying to get toe socks. Leaning back, how would you need to turn, starting with the stomach, as to rise forward — fold, starting at the chin. Note: exercise is essential to start with a very small amplitude and do not rush to increase it, so as not to be injured. During the slope it is recommended to strain your buttocks — this will significantly reduce the load on the lumbar muscles.

10. Squats, hold onto a chair back or door handle, start with small amplitude. For people not in shape, you can squat first into a chair. Carefully read the guidelines for this exercise. So as not to be injured, follow three rules:

1) the body weight on the heels;

2) the Shin perpendicular to the floor, that is, vertically up, it is necessary to hold on to a chair or door handle;

3) the knees "look" at the toes.

You need to imagine as if we sit on a chair, not squat, that is, the movement begins with the filing of the pelvis backward, not by bending the knees. You need to know that only a few young and well trained athletes may not damage the knees, squatting so that your knees go way forward of your toes.


1. Squats
2. Of torso left and right
3. Push-UPS (up to 50 times)
4. The trunk bending forward, touching the floor
5. Alternate lifting and lowering straight arms above head
6. Torso twists with divorced hands (bring up to 50 times)
7. The Roman chair
8. Jumps on one leg
9. To get brush the other shoulder
10. Birch
11. Lifting feet over head to touch the floor
12. Retraction of the abdominal muscles (to increase to 50 repetitions).



Moral muscle: the adductor muscles of the thigh

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In the first embodiment, gymnastics Amosova three exercises are the similarities: 1 exercise — with a classic yoga pose plow; 2 exercise — posture tilting to the feet; 4 exercise — triangle pose. In the second embodiment, the three added a similar exercise two: exercise 10 — birch; 12 exercise — retraction of the abdominal muscles.published


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