The regime of restrictions and stress from the academician Amosov

Great value Mykola Amosov was paid to diet and exercise, without which, he argued, man cannot be healthy. The theory that the academician has described in the book "the Algorithm of health" and "encyclopedia of Amoz" he checked, as they say, to myself personally. The main principle that recommends Amos in the diet – do not overeat and eat sensibly, then no product will bring harm to the body.

Food is not the way to improve UDC
The main error, which allows man – is that it in foods is looking for a way to increase your peace of mind, UDC. Hence all the health problems associated with being overweight: excess in diet, overeating, and gluttony.

First, you need to monitor their weight to prevent obesity or underweight. Amosov advised to stick to simple shapes, which will help to calculate your ideal weight: height – 100. The scholar at 60 weighed with the growth of 168 cm and 63 kg, and in old age, when the growth went down with the growth of 165 cm and 55 kg. Although he noted that its growth is not enough.

Second, Amosov was one of the first drew attention to the role of neuro-psychological factors on the weight of the person. We all know how many when I get nervous, begin to "jam" his excitement. Amosov said that nervous excitement distorts the intestines and stomach. Therefore, one of the conditions, how to live to a ripe old age, Nikolai Amosov called a happy life.

No matter how it seemed strange, but to adhere strictly to the diet Amosov didn't. It is recommended to eat 4 – 5 times a day, but it was strongly against "preventive" meals – such as when a person sits down to eat because lunch time has come, not because he wanted to eat. Nikolai Amosov, himself, never ate "prevention" and others advised not to do the Main principle – LESS! Amosov said that irregular meals for a healthy person useful! Irregularity is the mechanism that starts your metabolism.

The more meals you skip, the better for the body. But forced to do (to diet, to arrange unloading and hunger strike), the author is not recommended. System limitations is that you need to be able to stop yourself not to overeat. If you do not eat your fill and get up from the table with hunger, it does not matter, nor how many times a day you eat or what time of day. The rule "do not eat after 6" coined for those who overeat.

Amos thought that if you miss a meal, but still will experience hunger, it is beneficial for the body is not affected. Just next time you eat more than you would eat. The author was against fasting for a healthy person, but fasting welcomed. Also scientist believed that the next day after a heavy meal when a person feels that overeaten, the fasting day will be even useful.

How to distribute the meals at the author?
The most important place in his diet was taken raw vegetables. He was not a supporter of raw foodism, but it tried to eat raw vegetables in large quantity. A cook and float the vegetables so they are soft, supposedly so we are helping the digestive tract food is easier to digest. Actually, the thought of Amos, the digestive system of a healthy person is not so gentle as we are trying to prove the doctors. The gastric juice is able to process any solid food, except that the needles do not digest. This civilization has ruined the digestive tract, which simplified his work by making the food soft.

Nikolai Amosov advised to train the stomach, accustoming him to solid plant foods – its use in large numbers will strengthen and improve the work of gastrointestinal tract and will not spoil the stomach. The scientist claimed that raw vegetables – it is natural to man. Nikolay Amosov for Breakfast consumed a lot of raw hard vegetables, especially cabbage (500 g), ate 2 boiled eggs and drink a Cup of coffee with milk.

On account of fat Amosov adhered to this principle – everything that nature gave us, may not be harmful to the body. But on the main principle of reasonable limitations, we should not forget fats should be SMALLER. For lunch Nikolai Amosov would eat first and second courses, but without bread. Ate a little meat, also ran the food a small amount of fat.

At dinner Nikolay Amosov drinking tea with honey or a bit of sugar with sugar, ate cheese, bread and fruit. While comparing the taste of diet taste the best cupcake. Oh, by the way, Amos also argued that food should be thoroughly chewed and moistened with saliva. Advised to drink a day to 2.5 liters of fluid.

Few will be able to adhere to the commandments of Amoz, and to walk in his footsteps, but become a role model this man is worthy. Because his method really brings him closer to unraveling how to be healthy. But to be healthy means to distance themselves from old age. And health need to be able to relax and live in harmony with the surrounding world – to live happily!


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