Nikolai Amosov about health, conditions and restrictions

Nikolay M. Amosov — a great scholar, a renowned heart surgeon who saved thousands of lives. Ceased to operate 79 years. Died at 89 years old. Studied the health, longevity methods, practiced a healthy lifestyle last years of his life.

Nikolai Mikhailovich about myself:

"Fitness for me is one of the foundations of life. You have to tell the story. In early childhood I grew up alone and "programs" of physical development are not fulfilled. Employment in agriculture has gained strength, but did not give the dexterity: to swim, to dance and to ride a Bicycle has not learned. With physical education classes ran in school and in College. But he was always healthy. In the war for the first time had an attack of sciatica, then it are often repeated, perhaps from long operations.

In 1954 was really bad: on the x-ray determined changes in the vertebrae. That's when I developed my gymnastics 1000 movements: 10 exercises, each for 100. It helped. Added Jogging. The system is supplemented by limitations in food: strictly kept the weight less than 54 kg. consideration of the physiology of health and turned "Regime of restrictions and stress".

Taught academician Amosov:

Only the people to blame for their illnesses. Most often, he gets sick of laziness and greed, but sometimes from unreasonableness, ignorance and lack of common sense.

No need to rely on medicine: be careful not to get captured by the doctors! She treats many diseases, but can not make a person healthy. She can't even teach people how to become healthy.

To become healthy, you need sobstvennostyu and efforts. Change can not be anything. Fortunately, man is so perfect that to recover health you can almost always. Only the necessary efforts increase as the age and deepening of the disease.

For health are equally necessary four conditions:

-dietary restrictions,
-the time and ability to relax.

It is enough 20-30 minutes of physical education per day.

You need to limit yourself to food. Maintain weight: height (in cm) minus 100 at least.

To be able to relax — the science, but it needs more character.

Doctors cured the disease, but a healthy you can only be their own efforts. Stop complaining, the illness passed. Need to strain!

Special attention was paid to nutrition and food. Stressed that it is important that you eat and how much you eat. Stressed the exclusive role of vitamins and minerals and other biological substances that can only be obtained from fresh fruits and vegetables. The minimum dose of 300 grams per day, maximum 1 kg. The more diverse the better. Replacement of raw vegetables boiled defective. Cooking destroys vitamins.

About the fats. Fats contain a lot of calories with nine per gram. Fats are not needed in pure form. You can safely is neither oil nor fat. A lot of fat in milk, meat, even bread. Raw foodists can eat vegetarian food the body synthesizes fats from carbohydrates and proteins.

Fats in the form of cholesterol can be deposited in blood vessels. Of sclerosis can only help hunger and exercise. But if the sclerosis of the vessels of the brain, and medications.

About the squirrels. Myth: no complete proteins, the person will not survive. Millions of people for generations did not use animal proteins that contain essential amino acids, and the physical performance of vegetarians have no defects. Moreover, too much proteins the body to digest the full can not leave a lot of proteins decay products and increases metabolism, which is hardly useful. To get involved proteins is not necessary.

About carbohydrates. If there are many sweet weight to withstand normal. Carbohydrates are necessary, but as a source of carbohydrates to choose sweet fruits, grains (cereals). In any case, pure sugar, is a chemical element, very high in calories 1 gram of sugar is 4 calories.

Very useful fruit and vegetable juices fresh: can be drunk in unlimited quantities, is necessarily different. With soups, on the contrary, to abstain they have a lot of salts, which are formed from boiling water and cooking vegetables, especially long.

Revealedmany shortcomings and dogmas in medicine:

1. Medicine able to treat the disease, but patients becomes every year more and more.

2. Doctors blinded with faith in the power of pills.

3. Fear to be captured to the doctors!

4. The medicine focus on disease and not on health and complete lack of faith in the body's defenses.

5. Tips to move less, stay at rest, it is better to eat during illness, are contrary to human nature. Movement, muscle activity, and a partial famine will help the person to recover and not get sick.

People durable. The trouble he had from the detrenirovannosti "working" features over-training "regulators" due to the conditions of social life that conflicted with biology. Modern civilization offers a person for a healthy and long life far more opportunities than limitations. You need to be able to use them: to reject the excess food and heat, to compensate for the shortcomings of physical activity and quenching of excessive psychological stimuli.published




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