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Nikolai Amosov not only the well-known physician, who became a pioneer in the field of cardiac surgery, but also the author of books about healthy lifestyles. This is a man who was a real school of military surgery. A man who operated a lot of patients with severe heart defects. The man who invented the heart-lung machine and special artificial heart valves.

Trying to recover from a major operation, Amos, has invented a special system loads and constraints, the basic rules of which are shown below.

1. Your health - the result of constant work on oneself. Do not rely on doctors. B>

Yes, they will cure most of your illness, and even save you from death. They will do everything possible to not hurt you as much as possible and to restore your health, but then you have to move yourself.

2. Doctors fix flaws, but will not be able to reward you well. B>

Nikolai Mikhailovich said that health - is the so-called "spare capacity" of our body. These "power" necessary for the proper functioning of all systems in the body. And most importantly - they can not get drugs. Only regular exercise, patience and constant work on his body - the key to health.

3. There are no people who are unknown to the disease. B>

Diseases hinder all people enjoy life. The reasons are various factors - independent of the person (own bad habits and lack of physical activity), and independent (infections, environmental situation, social upheaval, birth defects). Yet most diseases - that of starvation those "reserves».

4. By training, like any business, must be approached wisely. B>

Training should be continuous, with gradually increasing load. Amos introduced the concept of "regime of restrictions and pressures" (RON). He identified three main points RON: food, exercise and self-management.

According to Nikolai Amosov, food must be a minimum of fat. The food must be taken every day about 300 grams of vegetables and fruits. Formula optimal weight - growth of minus 100 kilograms. That is, if your height is 170 cm, your weight should be no more than 70 kg.

Physical education is necessary for all, but since most people today do not work physically, the result respectively. To lead a healthy life, you need at least 20 - 30 minutes a day watching and t. E. To make about 1,000 movements. You can do this by looking, for example, the TV set and time to save, and use your own body to bring. Very good to walk a lot - of kilometers a day. And most importantly - it relieves tension. Jogging - a fairy tale, but not all of it, unfortunately, I believe. Probably because something seems too unrealistic.

Self-management or control of his psyche - perhaps the most difficult part of all. What is it? The value is expressed in just three words: learn to control himself. Yes, it's very, very, very hard! But there are many ways. Pick the best. You can try meditation techniques or easier, for example, to focus on your own breath and try to relax all the muscles of your body. In stressful situations, secrete too much adrenaline, and the best solution to reduce the level of this hormone is the execution of a few gymnastic exercises. I understand that it is not always permissible, but as soon as you have an opportunity, do not lose it - work. And the head clean from foolish thoughts, and blood vessels and organs shalt spasms.

5. Lack of willpower - the main cause of frequent illnesses most people. B>

Nikolai Mikhailovich was convinced that 90% of the population of planet Earth do not lead a healthy lifestyle, so sick. Unfortunately, the majority simply do not have enough willpower to adherence. It's a shame, but draw their own conclusions.

6. The world is really a lot of bad doctors - it's true! B>

Of course, this does not apply to everyone. But the phrase "all doctors - bad" sometimes acts as a fly in the ointment. Yes, there are doctors who truly believe that anything is not necessary to be able to do - neither analyze nor X-rays done and read or palpate the abdomen. If narrow specialists will do everything for them yourself. It's really bad doctors. These should not pay.

A "good" may be the doctor who just understands the nature of the immune system and the mechanisms of compensation rights. Those who give more time than any other. Just understand that almost all lung disease are on their own, and medication - is only related tools to ensure the normal and speedy recovery.

7. I found a really good doctor - turned to him only with serious issues. B>

If you are seriously ill, please contact a doctor and carry out his instructions ... but, again, to the best of your understanding. You feel slight discomfort? I do not run immediately to the hospital. Unfortunately, most doctors do not understand human nature, to the end, and therefore credited medication and rest.

In the end, choose the exercise and display strength of character. Then and only then will be really healthy!

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