Golden tips from brilliant doctor Nikolai Amosov

Golden tips from brilliant surgeon Nikolai Amosov, how to coexist with the medicine to live longer and suffer less illness

1. Do not expect, that doctors will make you healthy.
They can save a life, even cure the disease, but only fail to start, and then - to live safely - rely on themselves. I did not detract from the power of medicine, serving as her life. But also know a lot about the health - both theoretically and practically. On this occasion, I boast: a half year spend experiment on himself - three o'clock exercises with dumbbells and running

. 2. Doctors treat the disease and health need to get the most training.
Because health - a "reserve capacity" bodies, our entire physiology. They are necessary to maintain normal functional indices - at rest and during stress - physical and mental, as well as not to get sick and ill, as much as possible - not to die. For example, to blood pressure and heart rate did not go up more than one and a half times during the exercises or run, and the inevitable shortness of breath quickly calmed down. To not be afraid of drafts and cold passed quickly without drugs themselves. And in general, to work well, sleep well, "elos and pilos».

So: the "power" medicines are not mined, only training, exercise, stress. And - work, patience to cold, heat, hunger, fatigue

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3. What is the disease, each feels: an unfortunate breakdown of different features that might be detrimental to feel happiness and even live
. Reasons are also known: external "hazard" (infection, ecology, social upheavals), own irrational behavior. Sometimes - birth defects

. Approved by: the nature of man is strong. At least for most people. However, minor illnesses are unavoidable, but most serious - from unreasonable lifestyle: decrease in reserves as a result of detraining. Environmental conditions, poverty, stress - in second place

. 4. Training allowance must be reasonable.
This means a gradual but persistent. For example, in exercises, walking or running can be added daily from 3 to 5% of the level achieved in the sense of movement, speed and distance and, depending on the age and health of the starting reliability. The same applies to hardening, sunbathing, and even work.

If you say the essence of training - this mode constraints and loads (RON is now like to cut). It is my strong point. However, nothing of the original, I did not come up.

The three main points:

The first - the food with a minimum of fat, 300 grams of fruit and vegetables every day, and the weight was equal to the figure: the growth of minus 100 kilograms
. II - Training. Here it is a little more complicated. It all needs, and children and the elderly - especially. Since it is now almost no one at work is not physically straining, then, in theory, would be engaged for an hour a day everyone needs for decent health. But it does not have the character of a normal person. So - at least 20 - 30 minutes of gymnastics, it is about 1000 movements better with dumbbells on 2 - 5 kg. I advise you to practice in front of the TV when the "news" show, to save time. In an addendum to the physical training is desirable to allocate land for a walk, on the way to work and back, one by one kilometer. It is useful, and keeps nerves, given the poor transport. About jogging I'm not saying - not really. But - it is useful
. The third point is perhaps the most difficult: the management psyche. "Learn to control yourself." But oh, how difficult it is! Recipes lot, up to meditation, I will not describe. Itself I use a simple device: when a big glow and stand out a lot of adrenaline fix attention on rare rhythmic breath and try to relax the muscles. Most would be good in such moments - do vigorous exercises, but that is not usually the situation allows. But still, as soon as the - work. Excess adrenaline burned while exercising, and thus the vessels and organs fleeing spasms. Animals allowed stresses flight or fight, and the man is not allowed.

If you are young - up to 60! - And symptoms from the organs not, should not be under the slightest indisposition to run the clinic. As already mentioned, our doctors do not trust nature, focused on medication and rest. Be careful not to get them into captivity! They will find the disease and convince: "Rest and treatment!»

The body has powerful defenses - the immune system, compensation mechanisms. They will work, you need to give a little time. Keep in mind that the majority of lung disease go away, doctoral drug only accompany the natural recovery. You say "cure!", And you, and you believe: "The good doctor!»

. If we are lucky enough to get to the good doctor, take care of it, do not bother in vain. Remember that the doctor - it is more than just a specialist. This is not a plumber. Doctor ... follow instructions to the best of your understanding. And do not ask him extra medication, which learned from neighbors.

I repeat: medications need to drink less. For example, now in vogue dropper, not only in a hospital, but also at home. So: it is folly, fashion. It is one thing - in intensive care need "heavy artillery", the other - at home. Different readings.

What to say in conclusion? To be healthy, we need strength of character. As a weak person to find the optimum behavior in the triangle between the disease, doctors and exercise? My advice is to choose the latter - and exercise restrictions. At the very least, try to. Believe me - will pay off! However - every master of his fate. And health.

5. An interesting question. Why do people so often get sick?
I think that 90% of people, if they comply with the correct way of life, would have been healthy. But, unfortunately, the regime will require a voltage. And willpower a person has little formal ... Modern treatment is carried out by the "Selection-busting" (!), Antihypertensives, of which more than a dozen, and who then have to take the whole (!)

6. And more. In a world of many, many bad doctors.
I can not falsely declare, "all doctors are bad." A lot of good, but also bad - too. Evidence? Ask what they read and what they can. Followers - From the practice - units. They know how to - more or less - the doctors of surgical profile. Because they simply can not be without the handicraft cure. The therapists sincerely believe that they need to be able to nothing - neither do the analysis or to x-ray view or pleura puncture. There, they say, this narrow specialists. And we say, general doctors. That's the way.

And in the end. There are many misconceptions in medical science. Often it depends on an incorrect assessment of statistical data. For example, in your opinion, the reason "sprawl", "increase" of cancer? In the world there is no particular increase in the number of patients with cancer (except lung cancer). Moreover, cases of stomach cancer even decreased. As the cancer took second or third place in the causes of death - and takes. But few people take into account that life expectancy has increased over the past half-century, and cancer often suffer older people. It is the only bit of thoughts, opinions, councils Amosov. We decided to limit them. Readers can get acquainted on the Internet with the rich heritage of the surgeon, writer, journalist Nikolai Amosov ...

Speaking of medicine, life and death, finally,
of itself, to be frank Amosov ruthlessness, he leads the conversation
with his own conscience. And it teaches us to think deeper and more accurate,
It raises questions about how to live.


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