Each of our action - it is a conversation with a life

What makes a man - that's what he really wants. If a person says: "I want enlightenment", and he runs to the toilet, in fact it is important now - the toilet. When a person says, "I want to practice yoga," and every time he goes in the evening in the cinema, the theater, then to friends, it is what he wants? He does not want to engage in yoga and wants to go to the cinema and to the friends sit around the TV at home. What he does here is he wants. Please note: we call meditation is when we sit. No, meditation - it is our life. Each of our action - it is our conversation with his life. We are talking about life, what we want, what we need from it from it. All our actions - this is our meditation. We are your actions each time translate the life that we want. We can talk all you want, cheat anyone - ourselves, other people, but the essence of it is in this - in actions, actions

. - And if we are clearly talking about the actions that we need, it is automatically given

? Is given. Not immediately, but it is given. Simply, there are barriers: mental, education, which does not give us the right to get it. When these barriers are dissolved, removed, that is given. Look, you come to a new country, where cultural heritage and language you do not know. You want to eat what you do? That's right, that's the gesture - as if you have something to put in your mouth - and everyone will understand that you do not want to use the toilet and eat. Animals suitable for you, you know what they are doing when they are hungry? They show us. Not feed the dog in the morning, it will be up to you to go, licking their lips and tongue show. If the dog wants to have somewhere to call, she otbezhit, look back. If we do not go, run up, gavknet again ahead run. Either it takes and pushes. And it becomes clear that it is us somewhere calls. Even animals show what they want. Similarly, we show life what we want. It is different also called "ritual magic" - a man shows his act of life: I want this. For example, you want to build a house, but live your normal life and just dreaming about what you would be home. So show life that you want it: first draw this house, then build a toy house, then start to walk to the markets, to study building materials. And then life will understand that you need a house. If you want children, start to play with dolls. Etc. etc.

You somehow stop and see how I live. If you want to get married and say you want spiritual perfection, and each time the open internet and looking for how to get married or go on dating sites, it is actually God and meditation at this moment you do not need. For myself, it is to be understood. Look around, and see what I need, actually. Then enlightenment is close to us. Because at least we'll know yourself: what we need. Do not be afraid that someone has a desire for money, and we are on such a mask put on, such a beautiful mask, that we are kind and fluffy, light and soft. And actually, beer someone wants someone else wants something. I understand that there is a concept of struggle, when a person wants to go to a higher level and removes harmful habits. But when a person does not know what he is is - it is harmful. If you do not know the car in which you are traveling, the direction in which you move, and the city where you are, then you will be very difficult to get to a destination. Because you do not know where to go, and do not know the capabilities of the machine, in which you are sitting. Will reach you on it or not, and where to drive away. it happens very often. Therefore, the first thing we start, it's still not going to lie to myself and understand how I live and what I need, what dreams I live. In Lao Tzu there is a saying: "Be careful of your thoughts - they are the beginning of the actions." The line between what we want and what we think and how we begin to live - very thin.


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