Restoring nerve cells:

Surely you do not once had to not hear the advice to get nervous, because "the nerve cells do not regenerate." Now it seems that this phrase remains in the past, as an error. In St. Petersburg Physico-Technical Institute named after Ioffe, the experiment was conducted, during which scientists have shown that nerve cells can recover from any person throughout life. This marked the factors that contribute to this process.

Firstly, it is important that people living in full harmony between his dream and reality. That is not just a dream and pursue their dreams and realize how really realize that what he was dreaming. Consequently, people who build real plans, understand what they want to know, and to aspire to satisfy their desires, can look forward to the restoration of nerve cells that have died for various reasons.

Second, an important factor was the person's ability to self-organize their lives. It is, in principle, occurs when a person takes responsibility for everything that happens to him and can not be a victim of circumstances, passively taking the blows of fate, and its builder, analyzing and changing reality, harmonizing it with their dreams and plans.

And, thirdly, the scientists were awarded the good performance to restore nerve cells in those people who understand the meaning of life and have strong social ties. No matter what will be the meaning of life, it is important that people realize it. As for social relations, it is important not just to have a strong family and good friends, but that the imperative is committed to good relations with the maximum number of people. Or, at least, to think about them positively.

Here are three simple as it may seem, the rules, following which each of us will be able to maintain mental clarity, appropriateness of behavior, sensuality and emotion to the very ripe old age. Perhaps the research will continue, and we learn something else that has value to restore our dead nerve cells, but, at this stage, this information is sufficient to start work on yourself and achieve the desired result.

By the way for those for whom these three points seem complex and overwhelming, we must remember that will help them cope with personal psychotherapy, whose tasks and includes these points.

Work on yourself and live happily ever after!

Author: Valery psychologist landowner


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