All probably heard this expression Related Dushi.Tak's close friends and loved ones, and some members of our family are our soulmates (usually members of the same karmic group). With them we shared past lives, some have a close friend for many incarnations. Faced with such a person, we can feel the connection, enhanced sense of old acquaintance. We will be at ease with him, we can make friends or love. We were next to them will be easy and calm.

Very often, we understand each other without words, our souls are set to some vibration. The events of our lives will flow parallel. By purchasing experience, we will help each other.
Most people are convinced that they have only one soul mate, meet and merge with that will give them a sense of harmony and integrity. This happens very rarely. There are couples that are inseparable from incarnation to incarnation. At the same time, there are many examples, such as complementary halves dialed number, and in a single life. Often these kindred souls belong to a group or community of souls who travel together for eons - huge periods of time. For some it may be a big surprise that he is part of one community of kindred spirits with those he mercilessly bullied, whose worst enemy is. In fact, he carries the noble mission of helping another soul in mastering a difficult lesson.

When people love each other, there is a beautiful pink bow between their hearts. By golden pituitary pulsation added a beautiful pink glow. When people enter into certain relationships, some of them chakras stretch yarns that bind these people. The longer and deeper the relationship, the stronger and more numerous are the thread. When the relationship is interrupted, the rush of the thread, sometimes causing unbearable pain.

If a person is convinced that he is unloved, worthless, flawed - no matter how serious he had reason to think so - he would attract to itself a derogatory attitude from others. The most trouble-free and active agent that can be used to find your soul mate, is to learn to love yourself. There is a view of narcissism is not based on vanity and selfishness, and to respect the ability of a full-fledged, unique, self-contained personality, with all its strengths and weaknesses.


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