Do these 10 exercises of academician Amosov and you will always be healthy!

Nikolay Amosov – a cardiac surgeon, author, and innovator of techniques for cardiac surgery. In addition, Nikolai Mikhailovich invented a system of "restraints and loads," and their own set of exercises, the effectiveness of which is proved by its bright, rich and long life. Gymnastics Amosova called "1000 moves". Its goal is to combat physical inactivity and health problems, primarily of the spine, which are now beginning to occur already at a very young age. In the set of exercises Amosova included 10 exercises, famous academician recommends to comply with them 100 times. Multiplying 100 by 10 and get 1000 movements.

Nikolai Amosov believed that human health does not depend on the surrounding circumstances or from the medicine. The decisive factor is the choice of each, to be or not to be healthy. At the age of 40 years, Amos felt the beginning of the deterioration of health, it was then that he decided to invent something that will save not only him, but the panacea for society – even in those years the patient is sedentary.

For exercise Amosova need neither strength nor endurance. You can start with 10 reps, but every week add up to "ten."

Your complex Amosov recommended to be combined with a daily jog: 2 miles in 12 minutes, or Jogging, but with maximum acceleration in the final 100 m. the Acceleration is necessary to increase the heart rate to 130 beats/sec, the smaller figure will not benefit from training. With this purpose, exercises of academician Amosov required maximum rate.

1000 movements from the Amosov took 25-30 minutes. In addition, all exercises (except 1, 8 and 9, 10) Amosov performed outdoors in any season.

Now, many are opposed to running, because there is a big load on the spine, which can lead to protrusions and hernias. Recommend running to replace Nordic walking.

There are lots of opponents of gymnastics Nikolai Amosov in the ranks of physicians. Their opinions converge on the fact that 100 reps is too much load. However, while he could, Amos fought with their claims. If during the day only to tie and untie the laces to get just the "classic" recommendation: 10-20 reps, so the figure of 100 is not too much as it seems at first glance. Look at chimps, how many movements of the shoulder joint performs it?

Just start with a few repetitions and gradually increase to a hundred. The main thing — regular classes. Even after one day, everything will have to start again.

The complex of exercises of academician Amosov

1. Tilts forward. Touch the floor with your fingers, and if it is clear. The head moves in rhythm with the body.


2. Tilts to the side – "pump". Leaning to the left, the right hand pulls to the armpit, left arm reaching down.

3. Toss the arm and lower back.. The right hand goes to left shoulder blade, left – to-right. Neck moves to the beat.

4. Hands clasped in the lock on the chest, turn left and right, turning at the same time and head. Hand movements should amplify the amplitude.

5. IP – standing, throwing the knee to the chest, hand pressed as high as possible, do the alternating movement with both feet.

6. Fall hip joint and stomach on the stool face down, hands in the castle behind head, the body stretch the string parallel to the floor. Bending at the waist to maximally raise the upper part of the body.


7. You put your hands in the back of a chair, squat.

8. Put her hands on the couch (or if possible from the floor) push-UPS.


9. Jump on each foot as high as possible.


10. Birch, then throwing his legs behind his head.

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As you can see, nothing complicated. All of these exercises we all know with the school of physical education, but a long time ago, exactly at school, they did not fulfill. According to the academician Amosov, nature favorable to man: just a little workout and health problems will recede.

Don't be afraid of a large number of repetitions. Start with the minimum, and you will see that even for an untrained person 100 reps is quite a real figure.published




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