Learn to read people! Amazing wise proverb

How often are we mistaken in people, trusting them wholly and unconditionally? But the world teaches us that innocence and sincerity are two different things. How can one learn to understand people? The answer in this short, but very wise parable.


Once a disciple asked the Elder:

— How can I learn to understand people, — who can I trust and whom to fear?

— I'll tell you in the beginning, who is to be feared, the old man said.

Beware of the humblest appearance! Tothen you'll see that someone puts in front of you bows, hugs you and shows you its extraordinary location, the one you fear most of all!

— How so, old man? — surprised the student. — Tell me!

Because he's the first to betray you! — replied the Elder with a sigh.


— Who do I trust? — asked the disciple.

Trust those who are straightforward with you and tells you the Truth, whatever it was, these people are the first to come to you for help!

Said the old monk:

True humility is always invisible, so it is hard to find; but when you find it, it'll never betray.published


You will cope, Never never look back...

Source: wiolife.ru/pritchi/nauchis-razbiratsya-v-lyudyax-potryasayushhe-mudraya-pritcha.html


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