100 tips that will change your life. Take a step towards happiness!

Admit it, that happiness - is a philosophical concept, and everyone understands it differently. You can not fit everything under one pattern and thereby make everyone happy. Understanding individual happiness. Today, our editorial staff wants to offer you advice that change lives for the better. Perhaps they will help you become happy. And if not, then at least bring something new in your life. Choose the ones that are considered most suitable for themselves.

1. Get up early.

2. Every morning, thanks for what you have.

3. Drink plenty of water.

4. Douches help recovery.

5. Plan your day.

6. Be determined, but is not tied to the objectives.

7. Be able to forgive both friends and enemies. Remember that there are no perfect people.

8. At least 15 minutes a day to be outdoors.

9. Do not drink after a meal.

10. Minimize the negative environment.

11. If you ended up in destroying the environment - learn to "reverse", that is how not to be.

12. Believe in your dream.

13. Find a decent environment that will help your self.

14. Every day, find time for sports.

15. Even in times of crisis minimum program to be executed.

16. Learn from the professionals. It will accelerate your professional growth.

17. Get pleasure from work.

18. If work brings you closer to the goal, but does not bring pleasure - be patient.

19. The work, which is not close to the target and brings pleasure, it is necessary to throw.

20. Believe in yourself.

21. Try to breathe deeply more often.

22. Take care of cleaning the soul. Daily meditate or pray.

23. Listen to your favorite music to get an extra boost of energy. Do not forget to update your playlist.

24. In each area of ​​life take an example with only the best teachers.

25. The tenth part of their income is spent on charity.

26. More often praise others, especially if they are on your team.

27. emotes during praise and restrain them when criticizing.

28. Remember that you can not please everyone, even if you are doing very good business.

29. When you are successful - thanks for the victory. When you fail - Thank you for the experience.

30. Sometimes, let yourself have some fun and be a kid.

31. First, do the most important things.

32. Learn to do two things at once (for example, to run and listen to audio books).

33. In order to feel happy at work - think about giving, not about money.

34. Do not be afraid of obstacles.

35. Remember that to achieve the skills necessary to work hard 10 thousand hours.

36. If every day is a little better, the results will soon scale.

37. The first to greet and smile. Only strong people first show goodwill.

38. Only the best standards are worthy of your attention.

39. Gently say goodbye to those people whose presence is not helping to realize your potential.

40. Exceptions are relatives. They most likely will not change, so take them for what they are.

41. Do not try to change the people around him. It's destructive path.

42. If you live properly, the inspiration will not take long.

43. Poor nutrition and inactivity kill desire to work.

44. Become a "lift" to others. Raise them.

45. Learn to understand the critics, because they have in life there is nothing except the opportunity to criticize others.

46. ​​If the qualification criticism leaves no doubt that befriended him. And do not forget to thank him for his contribution to your success.

47. The past and the future - it is a mirror of your present.

48. Seek motivation in itself. If not, then there are only two reasons: not enough energy or doing the wrong thing.

49. does not solve anything important, when you have a bad mood. Wait a positive wave and then think how to live.

50. Check the positions and social networks, not more than 2 times a day.

51. Pick up the word. They can both inspire and destroy.

52. If you love someone, you help him realized, even at the expense of themselves.

53. Learn to enjoy the solitude.

54. Continuing to expand their horizons. Never too late to start a new business or find a new hobby.

55. If you can and can inspire someone - this is the highest award.

56. Keep a diary of success, especially if it concerns the categories of work that long.

57. implement the agreements. To do this, think twice before you promise something.

58. Do not gossip.

59. keep track of all the latest news.

60. Remember that only the understanding of the laws of the universe leads to happiness.

61. Combine the activity of the mind.

62. Analyze your life and take lessons from every significant event.

63. Throw those things that do not help your implementation.

64. Eat more good fats (vegetable oils, nuts, avocados) and raw vegetables.

65. From you will be so good, how much energy you can spend. To increase the amount of energy watch your physical health.

66. The house - a place where you live, not something from the past or the future.

67. Do not be attached itself freedom and give the people you love.

68. Once a week, you can do nothing.

69. Creative work requires you to state the peak of emotions and concentration.

70. Do not be distracted by extraneous things when doing creative work.

71. Keep a balance between material and spiritual.

72. Read the biography of great men.

73. Around you should be only the most talented and happy people.

74. Do not take anything a person, if not willing to give in return for what it is you ask.

75. If you were betrayed, then look for a culprit.

76. Be ready to defeat. The higher you climb - the harder they fall.

77. Falling in love with his defeat. They are learning.

78. Success - is the segment between the most serious fall and subsequent rise. If defeated - start work even harder.

79. Be open to like-minded people and is closed to those who do not share your values.

80. Commits all agreements in writing. People can not forget about them, or "forget».

81. In order not to violate the law of interchange of energy, be generous with people and generous to the greedy greedy.

82. If you want to give a lot of people first learn to take a lot out of life.

83. Always remember that the "black band may be the take-off».

84. Be generous in all situations.

85. Develop a set of virtues within ourselves, kindness and wisdom.

86. Do not pay attention to the people from the past. Just remember that there is a reason that they are not in the future.

87. Invest in relationships and learning the most profitable.

88. Wall - is the stage. Just grow up to it.

89. At the end of your life you will regret more than that did not do than what was done.

90. Sometimes progress is the result of a kick in the ass. Let 'kick' will be people who have achieved success in your business.

91. Power carries the responsibility and the opportunity to help others. The more you help others, the happier you become.

92. Get rid of trash regularly in the home and in life.

93. Always give voice to their expectations, and listen to others' expectations of you. Most quarrels - a consequence of a misunderstanding of expectations on the other hand.

94. Remember that life - it's like riding a bike. If you hard, then you are going to rise.

95. Regularly risks, think carefully about the situation. It trains intuition.

96. Periodically raduy himself new clothes.

97. Develop your individuality and remember its uniqueness.

98. Learn to love and create comfort.

99. Carefully choose your friends very carefully mate.

100. To be happy - it means to realize itself as much as possible.

These tips are not a panacea, but it is worth listening. You might not all agree, but we also warned that happiness at everyone. Share this article with your friends, make them a little happier.

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