TO HAPPINESS ... A bit of black humor

My wife spotted me in bed with another woman. Luckily I managed to finish a minute before.

The plane on which I flew began to plummet. Luckily with me in the cabin flew Brothers Grimm.

disco addict infected needle poked the girl in the leg. Fortunately, he was already HIV infected.

I woke up the ragged, hungry, beaten in the desert. Luckily I had a compass.

The driver at high speed knocked grandmother crossing the road. Luckily the car was insured.

Smashed drunk fotoappart the wall. Fortunately, all the pictures that had to be drained on the PC.

Smelly I farted at a meeting with the director. Luckily I had a runny nose.

I bought a color TV set plasma wide screen for 100 thousand.
 Cada I dragged him back up the stairs - dropped it and broke into pieces. Fortunately, I could not throw the old black and white TV.

I forgot to turn off the computer and went to leave. Fortunately, the thieves broke down the door and stole it.

Man surrounded by a pack of wolves. But he had a gun. Fortunately not charged.

I tore up the bill of $ 1,000. Luckily I had a photocopy.

Two planes crashed into the Trade Center in New York. Luckily, the pilots managed to eject.

In men diagnosed with AIDS. Fortunately he was impotent.

A neighbor came at me with an ax, metyas head. Fortunately, I managed to close it by hand.

I came to work in the trash buhoy. Luckily I do not remember.

I wanted to piss but the toilet was not. Luckily I did not take off prezik moving away from friends.

Through the hole the first compartment of the nuclear submarine quickly began to fill with water. Fortunately, provisions and medicines were in the last compartment.

Terrorist put the muzzle to his temple and pulled the trigger hostage. Fortunately, the children closed their eyes.

The shawarma I found kysiny tail. Fortunately, the buyer did not notice.

Sent by Dimon Hell


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