10 tips to develop a sense of humor kid

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1. First jokes of the baby is at first accidental and then deliberate errors that violate the usual course and order of things. Call dad mom, respond inappropriately, that the cow shouts “woof-woof” out to comb his hair with a spoon and then wait for the reaction of the parents or, without waiting, to burst into laughter – the first manifestations of a sense of humor in a child. To consolidate and develop it will help your surprise, heartfelt sharing, laughter and of course comeback. And to expand the number of humorous situations more to tell and show your baby develop his care. After all, before you start to deliberately make a mistake the kid will surely memorize the correct answer.

2. Almost any parenting advice necessarily provide guidance on the personal example of parents. In the education sense of humor the child, he is also important. Important the family atmosphere, where all banter and not stop laughing even during peak periods of work or accumulation of trouble.

3. Listen to the first joke the baby, not swatting them boring “don't be silly”. And then you'll see how jokes change with the age of the child, how much he notices how amazingly perceives the world. Will see how first nonsense give way to a funny formation, and then the naive conclusions and then completely lucid and apt one-liners. If a sense of humor and can be grown, it is nourishing it with attention and your smiles.

4. Joking together. The child will tell you that the cat said, “Chik-Chirik”, and you answer him, he saw the Sparrow which the crowed. The kid will come up with a funny word “Catalpa”, and you tell him that catalepsy love the most is makaraka. Try to guess the logic of a child, to understand its absurdities and get their response to his joke.

5. Find funny everywhere. The most important thing to learn to translate a joke, a scandal. For example, your baby refuses to brush teeth, you argue in a raised voice, and suddenly, coming to his senses, deliberately stipulates: “Now go clean your ears!” And in the end have fun laughing together. And in the bathroom if the child is still dissatisfied, again make the mistake of taking instead of toothpaste for a tube of cream. But remember, to laugh in such cases it is better over the other, and not to upset or hurt the baby.

6. The first of April is a very important holiday. Definitely before the baby explain the meaning of April fools jokes and the next day practice actively playing each other. And so the child better understand the mechanics of sweepstakes, take it to the associates and make fun together over someone from the family, the joint conduct of these sweepstakes a key to the development of a sense of humor of a child. But jokes have to be good and not to touch upon topics that participants can take to heart. Next April will come only in a year, but maybe you should organize your, family, Days of laughter with congratulations?

7. Children's books are a lot of jokes and humor. They need to read, to discuss, to play in a home theater, to look for Parallels with the real world. Often the child's experience helps to understand the smile of the author, but happens and on the contrary, the book brings to life the baby something funny.

8. Parents often have to repeat the same thing: “Put things. Wash your hands...”. Sometimes, for variety, you can give advice to the contrary (“Scatter a few more things. Something you have your hands too clean, go even them popecki”). Child laugh, finally will hear you and maybe fulfill parental requests to the contrary.

9. Protect young children from primitive humor, bad jokes and stupid jokes, it interferes with the normal development of humor in children. If not immediately, but over time the child will realize that there is nothing funny about the fact that someone is sick or hurt and will find a more worthy cause for laughter.

10. Sense of humor is impossible without the ability to laugh at himself. Easier demolition of jokes and are more prone to self-irony: children who are confident in themselves and their values, I am convinced that the acceptance and love of parents, observe the parents who are not too serious, and the first to laugh at the jokes in his address.

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