10 qualities that are important for the relationship than good looks

There are at least ten qualities that attract more looks. And, last but not least, help maintain the relationship and make them happy.

1. Listening
Talking able and like almost everything, but listen - units. If you've ever talked with a man, you know what I mean. When a person does not wait for his turn to speak, during that time, as they say you are not moved to the head such cases that fit the theme. The conversation can be supported, not even listening, it is not difficult - nod, say "uh-huh" and does not refer to the smartphone.

But listen - it's an art, but it is always felt and appreciated. With such people really want to talk.

How to develop the ability to listen?

Try to concentrate on what the other person says and not be distracted by your thoughts. Interested in what he says, and if does not work - then why even talk?

2. The ability to be spontaneous
Some people love the complete spontaneity of action, others prefer the consistency and reliability. But in any case, without a bit of spontaneity, imagination and unexpected behavior "in the flow" will be bored. Just like that, without reason, on a weekday offer to go to the restaurant (especially if it's not a flower-candy period, and more or less stable and almost family life), just to sing when a good mood, suggest rehearse some dance or ride weekend in the country, to find an incredibly beautiful place.

Spontaneity does not allow the relationship to become part of everyday routine, it makes them interesting and colorful, provides a lot of good memories.

How to develop your spontaneity?

Most listen to yourself what it is you want. It is not important to appreciate your impulses or not, as long as there were some desires.

3. Do something nice
No matter what concerns your ability - great to drive, virtuoso playing guitar or speak fluently in three languages. People always admire someone else's skills, whatever it may concern.

How to learn?

Just find yourself a favorite business and hone the skills to perfection. By the way, if you have no relationship at this time, it will help them to have - as soon as you are immersed in a favorite thing and forget about the desire to have a relationship, they magically appear in your life.

4. Be self-sufficient and satisfied all
People who are happy with what they have, are more attractive than those who constantly complain and suffer from the fact that it something is missing. If you are satisfied with their appearance, you look much more attractive than if you consider yourself a fat freak. If you are satisfied with your work, no one will call you a loser. And the rogue is perfectly described in lurke - it is not those who have a small salary, and people who believe that they are constantly short of money.

How to learn to be content with what we have?

Yes, it's not easy, but possible. For starters, you can stop comparing yourself to others, and then find that your life is going well, and be grateful for it.

5. No unhealthy "pensĀ»
If you follow the figure and try to eat more vegetables - is excellent, but if you take out the brain personnel pizza, requiring you to make a pizza without dough - is quite another. This applies to all of your principles and interests - in all it is necessary to know when to stop, and morbid attachment to some behavior does not please anyone.

How to get rid of too strong attachments?

First you have to understand in general, whether they are from you. And for that ask the best of friends and relatives - even honestly tell you what they think about it. Most likely, they even told you about this before, but you did not pay attention.

6. Be present
You can endlessly to come up with false images of themselves, and even hide behind them to get used to them, but people always feel the falseness and appreciate the real person. This does not mean that you will be as simple as two rubles. This means that you do not hide their feelings, and do not "tamper with them." You smile and laugh openly, do not hesitate to his impulses, desires and passions.

How to become real?

Realize that your image is a mask (sometimes it's not easy) to understand why you put it, and revise their attitude to themselves.

7. The ability to compromise
The ability to compromise, and the main thing - the desire to look for it, it's a sign that a person is ready for a long and happy relationship. If you're not looking for a compromise, and force the partner to obeying you, then you do not respect it, and sooner or later it will bother him. If on the contrary, always obey and yield, you get tired of - a long period of silence ended with an explosion and you will break the relationship.

What to do?

Always put yourself in the other person. For example, you work at home after work and want to take a walk to stretch your muscles, go skating or do other active sports. And your spouse all day on their feet, and he or she does not want more activity in the evening. Rather than make a fuss and try to imagine yourself in the place of your loved one - you would have wanted somewhere to get out after a day of activity?

8. Care
Almost all the people like when they are taken care (of course, without fanaticism). This is an opportunity without a word to say "I love you", "You do not care about, or indifferent." Distract, when you see that a person is sad or ask what happened and listen to all the problems. If a person is sick, take care of him as did the parents. Even just to buy a favorite food, just like that, when you are not asked for it.

How to learn to care for others?

If you are accustomed to think only of themselves, will not be easy to start taking care of others. But if you fondly think of the other person will not be so difficult to think of something to help him, and what a surprise.

9. Sense of humor
Merry people love everything they charge positive, they want to be near. Generally, there is almost a sense of humor at all, but it often does not match - ridiculous seem different. But it depends on education, environment and other factors. In any case, a man who often smiles than frowns, and do not mind a good laugh, much nicer to communicate.

How to develop a sense of humor?

Nothing. It is you already have, maybe you're just shy enough to joke when people know or think your weird sense of humor. It is not so important - if you do not hesitate to be a people accept you for who you are.

10. Be strong
It is appreciated not only in men but also in women. Nobody wants to see next to a weakling who can not cope with their problems, not to mention help and support in difficult situations. Inner strength, the ability to solve their problems, not jumping up on people, the ability to support and help - it is much more valuable than good looks.

How to develop the inner strength?

It's a long way to self-improvement, when you decide to no longer complain about the hardships and perceive their problems as exciting quests to be executed.


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