Learn to read people ! All people are saying is all true

I am sure that each of you ever faced a situation when a person tells you one thing and doing quite another. Why is this happening? It's a lie, weakness, uncertainty... What motivates people at this point?


In life is very important to be able to understand people. Even more: necessary. Without this, you will never have a successful personal life. Without this you will not see good relations with colleagues. And even these friends you will not make without the ability to understand people.

Ask yourself — do you know how to do it? Can you feel others? Do you know what to expect from them? How many broken hearts... how many defrauded investors... how many lawsuits... And the problem is everywhere — the inability to understand people.

And how to learn it? To begin with, remember one simple thing:everything that people say is all true. Sounds scary, isn't it? All what man says, not true, because it's all or better than they actually are, or worse.

Never listen to what people say, — look at their unconscious attitudes. The truth is the subconscious program that has each of us.

If a man says he wants a million dollars — is it right or wrong? Lies! He says. He wants a million dollars, but so that nothing for not to do so. So as not to strain. Right or wrong? Check it out! Otherwise he would long ago have been a million dollars.

If you've got the battery in the car, you call your friend, and he says he'll come and help you. He's lying! He says. He will come and do everything for you. He will come, he will connect the wires, he checked everything and he'll lead. In his subconscious there is a program to help friends, do anything for friends.

And another friend tells you: "I'll always help you! Call me anytime! Brother, anything for you". And he's also lying. It depends on his desires. Will happen the situation when he said, "Look, today's not... One, two, three... Let's try next week". Familiar? And how...

The saying "a friend in need" have you heard? What actually one will do, how to act, he is in the subconscious. You can call it the subconscious life of the program.

That is why we say to ourselves: "First you need to get to know him better," before you build relationships. But to know really need, not his, but his subconscious life program.

What do you think when a husband says to his wife, what more to change... right or wrong? Don't believe a word he said, looking at his unconscious life program. On his habits. On his inclinations and interests. On his instincts. All the answers are there! Once changed — all for the second time to repeat the trick. If the husband cheated on his wife — he's 90% going to do it again. Sooner or later. Through the year, maybe in 10 years.

The subconscious thousands of times more powerful than consciousness. And if we think that one day we will be able to change yourself is nothing more than self-deception. We act only in accordance with the subconscious life of the program, which is embedded in each of us.

Our brain is in some sense a computer. He himself, without the participation of consciousness determines the frequency of contraction of the cardiac muscle. He perfectly controls the amount of breaths. He determines when to go to the bathroom. He decides, cold or warm, he determines whether you want sweet or salty.

80-90% of all of our lives we spend on autopilot. All this time we properly follow the program. Watch for them, and you will be surprised. Wonder how the hands themselves turn the steering wheel to the right, when you need to turn right. And before it will automatically stretch to include a turn signal.

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Everyone dreams about his...


Observe yourself — and you will notice how one day is like another. How similar are the actions that we do today, for tomorrow. These patterns, these repetitions are the moments of manifestation of subconscious life program.

So if people tell you one thing and act differently, and this surprises you — you just can't understand people. You are unable to assume/anticipate/expect/believe/know... Maybe it will come with experience. But to limit ourselves here from such unpleasant surprises, watch carefully.

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Author: Vitaly Shevtsov


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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