7 things I hated in school, but in vain

Remember that you were irritated in high school. Now think what you would love to return.

This post is a hymn to missed opportunities, confessions of a grown-up schoolboy. Many times after school I caught myself thinking: "Oh, and why am I?..". Again I'm not a student, as an adult, I decided to sit down, missed perform and record for the edification of posterity. That's what I missed when I was in school.

Science I did not learn the subjects of natural-scientific cycle. Skipped biology, ignored geography, launched physics with chemistry — and he never came up.


Arkady Shishkin "the Dreamers", 1925 Source: russiainphoto.ru

Not having a strong base knowledge in these areas, I'll be honest, I feel somewhat inferior. And if to it to add more algebra to the geometry of the landslide on "troechku", it turns out that on this world I know almost nothing.

A failure in the natural Sciences is surrounding you in the darkness of ignorance or nemosyne. What is the air you breathe, that is the ground you walk on? Simple questions puzzle me.

Foreign languages the Second mortal sin. Talking about it is now difficult: how could you not teach properly even English, what kind of disorder?


Sergey Vasin "Young speakers", 1949 Source: russianphoto.ru

When you say the famous phrase about "no foreign languages will," is true, but not very accurate. Too turned in the direction of career success. More importantly, without knowledge of the languages you draw around itself a magical (and very narrow) terms. Outside this circle — a great variety of knowledge and meanings, which is not get without a serious fight.

But also fiction in the original cannot read. There's the whole artistic worlds are distorted and simplified.

System reinforce material About this annoying phrase: "repetition is the mother of learning". There are commonplace truths, but they are terribly formulated precisely.

Vsevolod Tarasevich "In the classroom during class", 1956 Source: russianphoto.ru

Then that sounded depressing: open the diaries that are written homework, sections 1-10 on pages 56-58, exercises 21-25, to learn the rules number 3 and 5. You know what kills a lot of time on these lessons before doing really important and interesting things.

And today, you already know that the fixing material is simply poorly absorbed. Read "the monitor" articles are quickly forgotten. Listen to the lecture, and are surprised at how little is left in the head. Would not hurt to write an exercise on this lecture, and then also to analyze unfamiliar words. Etymologically. And morphemes. And yet...

Similarly with other objects: you can fill a plate with dates, to paint a contour map, to suffer by the equation... Not so bad if you realize that this will result in newly acquired knowledge in a no order.

It is worth noting that part of the problem solve those online courses where there is a serious restraint system and check material.

Reports "by hand" Maybe it's too conservative today. Sounds corny and a little arrogant, as arguments about the advantage of paper books over electronic: the rustle of pages, the smell – Oh, what a sanctimonious lyrics.


A lesson in the school of letters at the workers ' club "Red star", 1923 Source: russiainphoto.ru

But I still remember how long and meticulously designed reports on history, I remember a sketch from the encyclopedia on the biology of flowers, as deduced Latin names. Of course, all this demanded a lot of time and tired.

Now triumphant instant copy-paste. Naturally, the quality of comprehension of the material suffers. This stuff just takes less time than a rewrite. And it plays a crucial role when memorizing

Labor the Lessons of "labor" for the lessons were not considered. Two academic hours were spent usually disguised idleness.


Students at work in the carpentry shop, late 1920s Source: russianphoto.ru

How to build a program for boys: first, a long and tedious safety, then the primitive drawings of the boards with two holes and finally a short work for the machine. The result – a wooden box. With holes or without.

Looks probably boring. But a little upgrade this item, dip it into life, and the result would be at least useful pastime. Not on the boxes, of course, had to focus, not on the machines, and on the vital issues. Probably the program of the technology that was studied by I, with the Soviet chargé was not processed and the result of this program was to be a disciple, able to stand up for the machine.

In our time it would be worthwhile to focus still on the house, not the plant. Electrical appliances and equipment, plumbing – a little is knowledge that will be useful to the person in everyday life?

Although a lathe may not be discounted. Such work hands should remember – as I remember from a seemingly hopeless character in the film "When trees were big".

Poetry and prose by rote Learning of a poem I didn't like. First, I can't really remember, and secondly, said without expression, and third, the time poetry is not understood, and treated it with skepticism.


Vsevolod Tarasevich "lesson in class", 1963, Source: russianphoto.ru

But much worse, when it was required to memorize passages of prose. Textbook "oak", "the sky of Austerlitz" something Paustovsky or Kuligin monologue from "Thunderstorm". Had to rewrite them, wearing a crumpled piece of paper with you and scuff the words to a monotonous melodies that have lost their meaning and only the intonation. Brutal manners, sir.

Now I increasingly found such passages, the rows that I want to carry always and everywhere. But the memory, unfortunately, in school years are not properly trained. Such loop.

Mode again Tomorrow in school. Until now, these words painted a tragic tone.


Vsevolod Tarasevich "Boys in school", 1961-1970 Source: russianphoto.ru

You need to go to the first lesson, spend certain time learning the specific disciplines that house these disciplines to consolidate, report to teachers and parents... the Longing, routine days.

What good is it? At least you can answer for the fact that your head will turn to nine o'clock in the morning. What will you spend the same time learning the discipline called "History", the study of history itself (how effectively is another question). And the plan will be in place for the day, week and months. Now I'd like to guarantee yourself a study of history from 8:30 to 9:15 three times a week. Alas, it suffers from the self — organization suffers and everything else.


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And someone else might be bored by physical education, in music, in literature classes where they were forced to do exercises, listen to Tchaikovsky, to read Chekhov. And adult time for the scrolling news on the way to work. There is something of nostalgia.published

Author: Georgiy Menshikov

Source: newtonew.com/discussions/7-school-things-i-want-to-get-back


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