How to learn to understand people

A short but stunning parable that teaches you a little better understanding of the people

Once a disciple asked the Elder:

- "How do I learn to understand people - to whom I trust and who to fear?»

- "I'll tell you at the outset, one must be careful," - said the old man.

- Beware of the humble-looking! When you see that someone puts in front of you bows, hugs you and show you its extraordinary location, you are afraid of - the most! »

- "How is it, Starch?" - Surprised student. - "Explain it to me!»

- "Because it is the first and betray you!" - The elder answered with a sigh.

- "And who do I trust?" - Asked a disciple.

- "Trust those who are easy to you and says - you the truth, whatever it may be, these people are first - come to your aid!»

Said the old monk:

"True humility is always - quietly, so it is hard to find; but when you find it, it'll never - never betray. "


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