26 Heals thoughts from Louise Hay

To our minds are not hurt ourselves, it is important to remember these lessons from Louise Hay

Many of us have heard of Louise Hay - pioneer (and one of the founders) techniques of self-help through positive thinking and correct system regularly repeated units (affirmations). In this truly religious person came 30 popular psychology books, among them - "You can heal your life." The bestseller has been translated into 30 languages, and the circulation of books exceeded 50 thousand copies.

Louise Hay is convinced that we are all responsible for the events in your life - both great and terrible. The main idea of ​​the book "You can heal your life" is that the universe does not care, we are good or bad. Universe - not a judge and not a critic, it takes us as we are, then to automatically reflect our beliefs.

How to make so that our negative experiences did not play with us a cruel joke? As always stay on the "right wave"? Just remember that:

Your strength - in your minds and hands. Do not look for it outside. Find a better harmony with itself.
All you relay to the world inevitably comes back.
Past experience is not necessary to multiply. It needs to be able to let go. I am sure - with love and gratitude.
Came negative attitude - Treat it quietly, shake his shoulders and turn your attention to something more interesting.
Must be able to listen to your body. It constantly communicates with us, sends different signals. Each cell responds to thought and speech. If you are sick - try looking in depth the causes of: old resentments, fears, anger, frustration. Getting rid of them, you do not notice how treated.
Love - it's wonderful. But remember the famous quote of Oscar Wilde's "The relationship with him - a novel for a lifetime." Believe me, this relationship needs to be given much more attention than amorous feelings for anyone, they are all, in fact, temporary. Love yourself and your inner child, most of his inner adult.
Do not wait until it becomes quite. Ideal - not a goal but striving for it. Love yourself for who you are. Here and now. Do not delay.
Please forget about self-criticism. Instead, try to love and accept yourself for who you are. Perhaps you did not know, but people who can not feel love for himself, not only do not know how to attract positive changes, but do not know how to empathize with others.
Our world - not endless desert. There is enough of everything. And the universe is just waiting for you to meet with her wealth. As soon as you believe that there is enough for you all - money, opportunity, happiness, love - you get all this and much more from the fact, as always dreamed of.
People who have something to hurt or forced to suffer, and suffer themselves lost in life. Keep this in mind and do not be too hard.
Our beliefs are formed in childhood. Then we go through life, and only recreate situations that would fit our worldview.
Try to put your love into all that you do.
Engage in comparing yourself with others - albeit a thankless task. It only gets to grow and be happy.
If you are afraid of changes - imagine you are to restore order at home. First one, then another, and now everywhere is clean.
All our relations with the world reflect our perception of ourselves. If you do not love yourself and constantly feel guilty - the universe will not be slow to throw you a cause for grief and discontent.
What does it mean to love yourself? It means celebrating the fact of their presence on this earth. When you thank yourself only what you eat, it's enough to love you and the world.
All that has to happen, will happen. At the right time. In the right place. With the right people.
The past is gone for good. Accept this fact. The only thing you can do - change your thoughts about it. By the way, very stupid blame themselves for what you have offended someone or someone has hurt you a long time ago.
Love - the only answer to any of our problems. The way it always is through forgiveness. Forgiveness removes the guilt and resentment.
Love is not outside man. She lives within him. The more you love, the more love surrounded.
If you see the problem of the possibility of change, but in a crisis - the potential for growth, you'll never be caught off guard by circumstances.
You do not change the other person until you change yourself.
Take a what was previously rejected. Take what seems silly and funny. Stop ashamed and complexes.
Along with the love of self cultivate self-esteem.
What is love for yourself? This is to determine the purpose of life and find a deal like.
Do not try to fix the issue. It is better to change your thoughts. And the problem miraculously fix itself.


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