THE POWER OF THOUGHT Louise Hay and 10 ways to learn to love yourself

According to Louise Hay, life is very simple thing. What we get depends on what we make. Many people in solidarity with Louise Hay is absolutely responsible for all the good and bad aspects of his life only to themselves.

Every thought can create the future
It thoughts and feelings create all the events of our lives. That is something that every person experiences in his life, it depends on the accompanying thoughts. Louise Hay says that absolutely every situation in life depends on the people themselves, but there are people who abuse the other person for their failures and resentment. This is a fallacy! People for themselves, are a source of experiences.

The reality of mankind is only in their faith. The person himself signals to the brain to select thoughts. Absolutely everyone has a great variety of opportunities to think about any action that will certainly entail some action.

Louise claims that the forces associated with the universe, can never criticize us. They just accept us with all of our flaws. If a person prefers to think about loneliness, then that's what he will receive in his life. However, if a person begins to think about the love that comes to him, there is no doubt it will happen.

The power of thought, Louise Haven early age the child learns from the behavior of adults. Louise Hay suggests if a child growing up with people who were suffering, and they pursued the sense of guilt, then he would look at the world a negative view. While older person has a tendency to recreate the emotional environment of his childhood.

On this occasion, it is right or wrong, you can argue for a long time, the person has awareness "at home". And that is why personal relationships are often recreated a relationship that had been taken from his father and mother. Louise has a view on this matter, that the attitude of every man to himself, follows from the relationship of parents to their child. We also criticize ourselves, as we are close relatives scolded. Even the train of thought for the most part the same as the parent view.

Love, transmitted by parents, to express themselves and in relation to the man himself. The more often people will think about the good things, the faster life will go in the right direction, which must surely be colorful and delight with every passing day more and more.

10 ways to learn to love yourself from the famous psychologist Louise Hay
Stop criticizing yourself.
Do not feel bad. From this there are difficulties. Feeling "not good enough" we justify their lowly status and save it. We nurture the pain and illness.
Stop bully himself.
Many simply terrorize himself gloomy thoughts, presenting any situation is much worse than they really are. Such people inflate small problems before excessive quantities. And how awful it is to live in anticipation of the worst.
Be kind gentle and patient with yourself.
As Oren Arnold jokingly wrote, "God, I beg you, give me patience. Immediately! "Patience - a powerful means. Most people suffering from expectations of immediate results. We are irritated, standing in queues or getting into traffic jams. Impatience - a reluctance to learn. We want to get knowledge not learned the lessons of not making the steps necessary to achieve the goal.
Learn to be kind to your mind.
Do not punish yourself for negative thoughts. Do not blame yourself for the bad things that have been in my life. Take lessons from it. Be kind to yourself means to drop the charges, guilt, punishment and pain.
Learn to praise himself.
Criticism burns the soul, praise it revives from the ashes. Whatever you do, keep yourself praise. Repeat to yourself that you are beautiful.
Learn to ask for help from friends.
Asking for help - it is a manifestation of strength, not weakness. Many of us have come to rely only on themselves and would not ask for help. Still, try to do it, instead of trying to deal with all the problems on its own and to be angry with yourself for what it does not work.
Love your negative traits.
We all happened to make the wrong choice. If we stubbornly punish yourself for it, then we work out the stereotype. Another effective means - humor. It helps to relax and feel relief in a stressful situation. See more comedy movies. If one can look at his life as a play with the elements of a soap opera, drama and comedy, then it is not hopeless in the future he will be all right.
Take care of your body.
Be careful what you feed it. We have become fans of canned food. They sat on the different diets. We are allowed to influence their eating habits to companies that produce products and gimmicky. Be aware that what we eat and how we feel after that - means to show love to her.
Work with a mirror.
Go to the mirror in the morning, smile and tell her reflection: "I love you, you are the most amazing and beautiful." Live this day in a good mood m in love of self and others. And you'll see how quickly change your zhizn.Podberite for themselves a set of exercises that you like to perform that - a joy.
Love yourself right now, do not wait until become perfect.
Learn to love yourself, you can love and accept others. You came into this world, not in order to please others and to live as they want. Your goal - self-expression and the expression of love at a deep level.


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