The best and probably the most current quotes Confucius - the greatest thinker of ancient China

Confucius - the ancient Chinese thinker and philosopher. His teachings had a profound effect on life in China and East Asia, becoming the basis of the philosophical system known as Confucianism. At the age of just over 20 years, he became famous as China's first professional teacher.

Before the victory of Legalism school Confucius was only one of many areas in the intellectual life of the Warring States in the period known as the Hundred Schools. It was only after the fall of the Qin Confucianism revived reached the status of a state ideology, which survived until the beginning of XX century., Temporarily giving way to Buddhism and Taoism. This naturally led to the exaltation of the figure of Confucius, and even its inclusion in a religious pantheon.

Kluber has collected, perhaps, the best quotes Confucius, which are particularly relevant in our time:

If you hate - it means you won.
In ancient times, people have learned to improve ourselves. Today learn to impress others.
Simplicity - one of the best human qualities.
In a country where there is an order, be bold in action and in speech. In a country where there is no order, be bold in action, but cautious in speech.
Let's teachings only to those who seek knowledge, to discover their ignorance.
When you feel bad - listen to nature. The silence of the world calms are better than millions of unnecessary words.
Incontinence in the little things ruin a great thing.
Anyone can become a noble husband. It is only necessary to decide to become one.
The word must be true, the action must be resolute.
Wise does not know strife, humanity knows no worries, bold knows no fear.
I hear and I forget. I see and remember. I do and I understand.
Only when the cold comes, it becomes clear that the pine and cypress trees lose their latest piece.
People in ancient times did not like to talk much. They considered a disgrace to himself not keep up with his own words.
Do not do to others what you yourself do not wish ...
Try to have at least a little kinder, and you will see that you will not be able to make a bad act.
Send people to war untrained - then betray them.
It is a misfortune - man has created him, it's happiness - a man raised him.
Someone who does not think about the distant difficulties inevitably await close troubles.
Not the great, who never fell, and that is great - who fell and got up!
Noble in the shower undisturbed. Poor people are always concerned about.


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