7 golden rules Nikolai Amosov. Everyone should know to stay healthy!

The name of Mykola Amosov was a holy medicine. The man - a pioneer in the field of heart surgery. Who, if not him, to know what endurance, nerves of steel and the struggle for life? Wise doctor tells us how to contribute to medicine, to live happily ever after.

Amos began his practice in unusual circumstances, he had to be implemented as a doctor during the war. Through the hands of its medical teams, which consisted of five people have been injured more than 40 thousand people. A brilliant surgeon operates in extreme conditions at the hospital, who moved on horseback through the fields of battle. In 1962, Nikolai Amosov invented the artificial heart valves, thanks to him medicine reached a new level. His experience of the responsible person a sincere and courageous doctor Nikolai Amosov outlined in the book, which quickly gained popularity among the Soviet people. Read the Golden Rules, which are issued by the doctor advises to stick to everything.

1. I do not think that you will make a healthy doctor.
Answer himself for his health. The doctor treats the disease, but the general state of health depends on you. Proper nutrition, exercise and daily routine - what can you do to prevent diseases.

2. The doctor treats the disease and health need to produce.
What do you mean mine? It means do not be lazy and your body weight, exercise resistance to a variety of physical and mental stress. To feel good about themselves in a state of rest, the pressure and pulse were always normal, necessary training. Exercise, cold, hunger - the mandatory conditions, thanks to which there is a hardening of the body, strengthening the immune system. The effort spent on training will pay off with interest.

3. What is the disease, each feels.
All human beings are born with equal reserve, which saves you from disease. Reduce and weaken the reserve ourselves the wrong way of life.

4. A rational approach to training.
Food that you eat should be the minimum fat. Engage in sports on a regular basis is very important. Suffice it to move throughout the day, go on foot. It is also important to learn self-control. Animals cope with stress by flight or fight, the person can not afford it. When you are nervous, try as much as possible to make active exercises. Exercise immediately reduce the amount of adrenaline in the blood.

5. Why do people so often get sick?
Diseases arise from a lack of willpower. After all, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we need strong-willed efforts. It is now rarely seen, as rare as a healthy person.

6. In a world of many bad doctors.
Mild disease usually disappear by themselves, without the active participation of the doctor's. There are doctors who are not completely honest with the patient and want to cash in on other people's misfortunes. There are also non-professionals who do not want to do anything with his hands and rely only on dry theory. Always remember that a doctor - also a man, and he is capable of meanness, and an error.

7. If lucky enough to get to the good doctor, take care of it, I do not worry for nothing.
A good doctor - its weight in gold. Therefore, do not disturb it for nothing, be thankful. Take care of the people, dedicated, they deserve your careful and respect.

To preserve your health, you need to ask for such a purpose. And what have you done today to become healthier? Share these wise words of the wise physician and a good man Nikolai Amosov. Your friends need to know about this!

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