They died the most outlandish and ridiculous way ... and get a prize! The sheer idiocy!

It is awarded annually to only two types of nominees - those whose death is extremely absurd, and those who have the same narrow-minded actions have deprived themselves of the opportunity to continue their family. The purpose of the award - to thank these people for what they have improved the human gene pool, leaving its mark in it. As they say, laughter, and sin.

So, these "lucky" were:

1. A resident of New Zealand, which for several days, drank a lethal dose of "Coca-Cola" to the human body - 10 liters.

2. The pastor, who assured parishioners that the strength of his faith can save him from any snake bites. As a result, he did and failed.

3. The man who wanted to make a very cool self with a gun. It was all over in that instead of a button on the mobile he pulled the trigger gachek loaded pistol and holed his head!

4. A woman from Switzerland, who really wanted to lose weight. She decided to sit outlandish "solar diet": nothing is, but only to expose your body the sun. Death it was terrible - death by starvation. No one can still see where there was such a diet.

5. Exhibitionism kills: a guy from Portland at 4am naked push-ups on the road, and the car hit him to death. Push-ups - a useful exercise, but not on the roadway!

6. Trying to increase breast at home, one of the residents of Argentina shortened currently century. To her breasts looked more attractive, she made a few shots of petroleum jelly (!) And as soon as this can take a notion to man in the head ?!

7. Fighting cock with a blade attached to the leg seriously injured his master. Not wanting to sit in jail, the man tried to escape from the police and ambulance arrived with the police. Losing too much blood, he died.

9. In China, after the ill-fated mobile worth more than $ 300 two people lost their lives and four - were taken to hospital with serious injuries. How did they manage to do it? It's simple: they wanted to get the phone out of the aforementioned dry closet. Do not try to repeat the same thing, even if your cell would also be in the composting toilets as a substance which it is used, it is very toxic!

10. All were drowned but saved the chicken! In Egypt, the teenager fell into the well, to save the fallen goose. To help him come to his brothers and sister, but unfortunately, their "rescue mission" was not a success - they also fell into the water. Arrived, a couple of old men whose lives ended in the same way. When the bodies of all the victims of the ill-fated well got from them was a chicken - safe and sound.

11. One very extravagant lady thought of a particular way of losing weight. It reduced its stomach to such an extent that it could fit only one walnut. And still could not themselves pereperet: nalopalas much. After such a hearty lunch of her stomach could not digest everything, and the food is just stuck in the esophagus. The woman foolishly died from suffocation.

Life - the most valuable thing we all have and can be, so treat her responsibility. Then he himself also to thank you for it! Share this post with your friends!


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