The Darwin Awards

Darwin Awards is the most absurd smerti.Vse is written on real events happening around the world.
Naturalist Charles Darwin stated that the effect of natural selection is that the identity should be more advanced than its predecessors. This is called "Survival of the fittest." In honor of Charles Darwin's hypothesis we annually awards grants to Darwin individuals who have made the greatest efforts to improve our gene pool.

As such, we welcome the fact that those who find original idiotic ways to self-destruct, thus helping to eliminate unwanted weakness of the gene pool. Dedication and sacrifice of candidates is respected and we have no way of them is not mocked. Get the Darwin Award - an honor.

The human stupidity and carelessness endless

This conclusion was American psychologists and journalists who write about accidents. And they decided to establish a prize for the most ridiculous ... death. They named this award in the name of Darwin, believing foolishly afford to part with life can only be representative of the "deadlock branch of evolution" in the terminology of the great naturalist.

In 2001, the main contender for the award was the Steve Conner, superintendent of one of California's zoos. He fed the elephant twenty-two strong laxative dose animals, and then came close behind him, to see how it works. A few minutes later, Steve was killed in quintals elephant dung.

In second place were four young people from Oklahoma, who on the eve of Independence Day, decided to test the readiness of their fireworks, choosing as a landfill site near the huge fuel tanks. Its explosion was visible for several kilometers.

In the third place claimed by Cheapskate from Cairo. He went into one of the bars, sat there for more than one hour, and then trying to get away from paying bills, I jumped into the Nile to escape on the other side. But drowned.

There is still a chance to become one of the laureates of Darwin and the two Ukrainians, men and women from Kherson, drowned in the river. This young couple had sex in a car parked in a dark place on the waterfront. In the midst of intimacy lovers rocked the car so much that they forgot to put on the brake, she moved off and fell into the water. Get out of it the poor man could not.

In 1992 he was awarded the Darwin Award sorokasemiletny Ken Charles Barger of Newton, North Carolina. At night, he was awakened by a phone call. Asleep instead of Ken grabbed the handset lying next to "Smith & Wesson" Thirty-eight, held it to his ear and instinctively pulled the trigger.

In March 1993, the award was awarded a traveling salesman from Florida, whose car crashed into a pole. The police investigation found that at the time his car raced at a speed of one hundred and thirty kilometers an hour, her driver studied the textbook on marketing.

In 1994, the prize was awarded to Darwin, the man who is not throwing money out of the machine trying to shake a bottle of Coca-Cola. Automatic free-riders fell and crushed him.

In the same year, and greed has ruined the English county Uilpshir resident who decided to get a tan, but do not want to pay for this pleasure. He entered the night in the hospital building, stripped naked, climbed into the machine, which took over the apparatus for artificial tanning, stayed there forty-five minutes. The poor man did not know that in fact, this unit is designed to treat burns ... and the maximum time spent in it only ten seconds!

The following year, "the owners of" awards were just six residents of the village of Nazlat Imara yuzhnoegipetskoy who tried to pull fallen into the pit of chicken. The first deep well down eighteen farmer, the owner of the chicken and drowned. Then it was followed by his sister and two brothers, none of whom could not swim. Then two people came to the aid of farmers are older and also drowned. Later, the bodies of all six "rescuers" have been extracted from the well. I pulled out and the ill-fated chicken that survived.

Other winners of the Darwin Award, Joseph Aaron twenty years from Florida, during the repair of machines needed to drill a hole in the exhaust pipe. Unable to find a drill, he decided to break the pipe with a pistol shot. As a result, Joseph was almost gone to the other world, being seriously wounded by a bullet ricocheted.

And James Barnes of Michigan was killed while repairing his car. He went under the car and asked his friend to drive forward a little bit to see "that this rattletrap there knocking." This Barnes caught the propeller shaft and was on his "wound».

No less absurd and tragic story is a resident of Los Angeles, is going to make repairs on the roof of his house. Being a prudent man, he had the foresight to take care of the insurance and tied with a rope, the second end of which previously tied to the bumper cars parked in the yard. But I forgot to warn his wife. And that just at that time decided to take a ride to the shops, got behind the wheel and abruptly jerked off. Poor fellow man tore off the roof and dragged on a rope behind the car to the first shop, which stopped his wife.

Surgeons managed to save the victim. But the story of his misfortunes did not end there. In honor of her husband's return from the hospital, his wife decided to have a little party. Before the arrival of the guests, who were smokers, she decided to fill with petrol lighters. She did it over the toilet, where a lot of spilled gasoline. Immediately after the hostess's husband went to the toilet-sufferer with a cigarette, I sat back, unwrapped favorite magazine and habitually thrown into the toilet bull from a cigarette. There was an explosion, which resulted in the poor man received extensive burns, was, as doctors say, is not compatible with life.

Even more strange death died visitor brothel in Philadelphia, located not far from the zoo. Woman serving it later showed that her client has suffered a complete failure in bed. Despite the efforts of all the efforts it, it did not work out. It made poor, probably such a strong impression that, just coming out of a brothel, he went to the zoo, which crept into the cage with the lions. What is the goal he pursued when approaching lioness, stripped naked, remained unknown. He himself will not be able to talk about it, because the beast suddenly awakened at night, he took a bite out of anger at first hand, and then his head.

Botany California led to the death of a love of nature. Hahodyas in the reserve on the rocky coast of the Atlantic Ocean, prirodolyub not to contaminate the soil waste your body, try to help the cliff into the sea. Not to stand on the edge, he fell down from the two hundred meter cliff to his death.

Death Botany opens a series of accidents occurring with men when urinating. Haibolee typical death under irrigation urine of exposed electrical wires. Among these is quite similar to each other deaths may be noted the death of two Polish brothers poachers. One of them is based on a large production led night talk to the pond, where the breeding of sturgeon. Following this, he felt that his bladder is full. And wanted to relieve themselves in a pond when the current has been switched on. Shuddering in convulsions from the strongest electrical shock, he fell into the water. Not realizing what had happened, my brother tried to pull him out, but shared the fate of the unfortunate. In the morning the bodies of both the poachers were found in the water among surfaced belly up sturgeon.

But the best chance for an award in this category of deaths in French, drunk urinated on the cable on a bet. He pobilsya bet with a friend that the current in the cable is not. The loss allowed him to become a competitor of the premium on the Internet. The information about it was sent to the contest to win a party dispute.

The most common among the cases submitted meets the deaths caused by the misuse of firearms. In addition to the opera singer, pulled the trigger button instead of an alarm clock, another serious contender for the award is a Mexican, who found his death by playing Russian roulette, according to the rules which the player shot himself in the temple of semizaryadnogo revolver in the drum which was between one and three bullets. Accordingly, the chances of staying alive ranged fifty percent. The late Mexican was obviously weak in mathematics, because after he shot himself in the head and his brains were on the wall of a pub in Hyu Mexico present found in the revolver suicide five rounds.

Quite often absurd death among skiers performing on steep slopes such jumps and somersaults that observers are surprised rather than death, and that most of them still manage to stay alive. But all the competitors left behind amateur bungee jumping. Ha springing rope, he leaped down from the bridge, hoping to enjoy in a free fall, but slightly miscalculated. The length of his rope was 52 meters, and the height of the bridge over the motorway - only 43 meters. Thrill seekers crashed into a pancake.

Not frequent, but impressive death in the explosions. Two Americans from Texas, paid with their lives for trying to fry a shish kebab on dvuhsottonnom tank with fuel. For this, they built a tank on the roof of a small campfire. As a result, the explosion not only killed two unfortunate lovers of fresh kebabs, but were burned to ashes all the residential and farm buildings around a kilometer away. By comparison, the death of our fellow-soldier, used as solid supports for the nail in the heel of his boot a hand grenade, it looks still quite modest. Nevertheless, the fact that applicants from Russia for the first time this year took part in the competition, the jury was positively noted.

In a separate category of applicants allocated killed out of love. Among them the best chance to receive an award from an Englishman who has entered on his "Mercedes" in the house who had left his lover at a speed of 120 km / h. After a few walls, he reached the bathroom, but to see their love could not washable, died from that splinter windshield "Mercedes" slit his throat.

Future nominee came to the doctor with the scrotum, swollen to the value of a small watermelon. X-raying showed that the contents of the scrotum is not normal, that is, "the contribution of the gene pool of humanity" has already removed, but in its place there 82 driven into the skin of metal staples. It turned out that this elderly farmer in the US state of Arizona was engaged in self-satisfaction in using belts included bandsaw whose teeth ripped his scrotum. Whatever it was, fell out, then the farmer does not lose his presence of mind, patched the cut scrotum paper clips.

In 1997 Darwin Award went to Russia. Webdesigner Andrey Stanovnov made domestic site where im gonna put stories. When Andrew went to work in the States, then translated them into English, and they learned the whole world. The first Russian competitor Darwin Award has become the hero of the occasion.
A man drank well. Goes home and hears steps behind, he turns around and gets a heavy blow on the head with a club .... With a fractured skull, he still gets up and moves on. After a quarter of its rushing knocks rider and breaking his arm. Poor guy somehow gets to the house, but it falls off the porch and breaks both his legs. The next morning his wife found him dead. In conclusion, the medical expert has been written, "Death was the result of poor-quality alcohol poisoning».

Some premium

Honorable Mention Darwin

Larry Waters - one of the few contenders for the Darwin Awards, which are free to talk about their adventures.

Larry was a childhood dream to fly. After college, he joined the Air Force in hopes of becoming a pilot, but his vision is summed up. After demobilization he could only look at how the jets sweep over his backyard.
Once Larry dawned: it will fly. He went to a local store that sold surplus Army equipment, and bought a few bottles of helium and 45 meteorological balloons. The inflated as a balloon reaches more than four feet in diameter (2 meters). Houses Larry balloons tied to his favorite chair, and the chair itself tied to the bumper of her Jeep. Then he blew out balloons with helium. When the seat is lifted up a few feet above the ground, Larry experienced design - it will withstand its weight. Pleased with himself, Larry grabbed some sandwiches, beer packaging, loaded shotgun (he planned to shoot a few balls after the incident), he tied himself to a chair and cut his rope hold. He thought that fly about 30 feet (9-10 m), fly over your backyard and a few hours to come down.
If only it were so easy! When Larry cut the rope, he was not soared to a height of 30 feet as he wanted. No, he took off as if it was shot out of a cannon. It does not stop for a height of 30 feet, even at 100 feet (30 m). He stopped the ball only at the level of 11,000 feet (more than 3 thousand km). Naturally, at such a height to shoot the balls were dangerous. Terrified Larry slowly drifted back and forth for 14 hours, until at last he was not brought into the main air corridor of Los Angeles.
His first saw the pilot of "Pan-Am". The pilot said the ground had just past prolelel Man sitting in the chair with the shotgun. Radar data confirmed that at 11 thousand feet in the sky is an object. To clarify the situation was sent rescue helicopter.

Los Angeles is located on the coast. It was evening, the wind began to blow from the shore, and the wind carried Larry directly into the sea. After a few miles he was overtaken by helicopter. After the helicopter crew was convinced that Larry is safe, attempts were made to save him. Unfortunately, as soon as the helicopter approached the balloonist, that distills the air flow from the propeller of the helicopter. In the end, support Mi helicopters hovered a few hundred feet above the Larry and threw a lifeline. Larry grabbed the rope, and so it was towed back to shore; helicopter crew brilliantly coped with this challenge. Immediately upon arrival at the ground Larry was arrested by police in Los Angeles for the invasion of the air corridor. When handcuffed Larry has gone, the reporter otryazhenny on this matter, asked him about the reasons for this action. Larry replied, "Well, you can not always stay in one place».

Darwin Awards

Up Night

Ken Charles Barger Sorokasemiletny of Newton (North Carolina) became reluctant suicide. At night, he was awakened by a phone call; Ken asleep instead grabbed the handset lying next to "Smith & Wesson" .38 and held it to his ear. The gun fired.

Darwin Awards

Last Supper

Nightmare diet and a room without ventilation caused the death of the poor man who poisoned their own "exhaust". His body had no external signs of poisoning, but an autopsy revealed a huge amount of methane in the body. Late ate mostly beans and cabbage - just what you need. Apparently, the guy just suffocated in his sleep, it is very poisonous bunch of gas hung over his bed. If he slept in the open air, or at least opened the window, the consequences would not be so grim. And so ... the room was practically is hermetically sealed. Himself deceased was quite a big man, so to arrange a "gas attack" of such a scale for it was a doddle. Of which was the rescue team to rescue three sick, and one landed in the hospital. Darwin Awards 1994.

Do not go, children, school, drink, children, Coke!

This year the prize was awarded to Darwin figure who tried to shake Freestuff bottle of soda from a vending machine with Coca-Cola. Automatic overturned an amateur fluid and crushed him.

Honorable Mention Darwin

Pobodatsya with train

Robert Ricketts, nineteen-year student from Bowling Green, Ohio, was taken to hospital with a brain injury. The victim told police that he was trying to find out how close they can come to the train without hitting him.

Darwin Awards

Chickens before they are hatched

In southern Egypt drowned six men tried to pull a chicken that had fallen into the well. The first 60-foot pit after 18-year-old farmer - the owner of the chicken. Obviously he drowned after an undercurrent sucked it down.



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