Jumping Crocodiles

Darwin City, named after Charles Darwin - one of the most northern cities in Australia. The town itself is nothing interesting in itself is not so, a couple of streets, where 100,000 people live. Darwin City is renowned for its jumping crocodiles living in Adelaide River.

Local crocodiles are so steep that even learned to live in salt water, and are often chosen in the sea, so swim at the beaches of Darwin is strictly not recommended. By the way, you can not swim, not only because of the crocodiles, but also because of the jellyfish. They burn caused by stinging cells, it can be deadly to humans. According to the Australians, they swim in the pool, not in the ocean ...

Those are 2 and a half streets of Darwin:

In Darwin our cruise ship arrived in the morning of the 1st of January and almost all places in the city were closed. On a tour of the Adelaide River we did not get, but visited a local crocodile zoo. Where you can immerse yourself in an aquarium in a glass box and tease huge crocodile:

If a hungry crocodile, he can attack you and try to bite. Feelings speak very sharp:

Crocodiles in the zoo, much more than the visitors. They can look through the glass hemisphere, which look like giant drops:


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