Krasnoyarsk Pillars

State Nature Reserve "Columns" is located in the north-western spurs of the Eastern Sayan bordering the Central Siberian Plateau. Natural protected area boundaries are right tributary. Yenisei to the north-east - the river Bazaikha, in the south and south-west - and Big River Man slime. From the northeast area is bordered by the suburbs of Krasnoyarsk.

1. Krasnoyarsk Pillars were the final point of our Urbantripa Siberia.

2. To the delight on the poles have not found the conductors on the cat kindly borrowed from our friends who have also entered and we moved on.

3. The path to the top had to look for themselves, and this is perhaps most impressed. In complex differential Vadim and acted as the game Splinter Cell. Sometimes even broken tree branches that-be to pull each other.

4. The height of the cliffs reaches 60-90 m. The rocks are represented by sedimentary and volcanic strata, having age from Cambrian (more than 600 million. Years) to the Carboniferous period.

5. Almost the top of the 1st column.

6. Rose pretty quickly, a couple of times I slipped down and nearly fell from 60 meters high on the rocks. But cost.

7. The top, some scoundrels left inscriptions on the rocks.

8. Even in a blizzard wishing to climb the poles rife. At first we met a man 10.


10. dedmaxopka

11. 2nd pillar.


13. Go down again, this time in the simplest way.

14. And this is almost the top of the second column, except for us there, no one dared to climb.

15. Alas on the "dance pad" we have not risen, the reason that we had no idea as kudoy need to climb. As it turned out, in this picture where there is Vadim, it was necessary to go down the rasporochku a few meters below, then climb up the narrow schele to the top. This is perhaps the most dangerous place on the 2nd column, in the winter without insurance Pick up there is not easy.







22. Post Feathers. This pillar is known for the fact that it has no simple way.

23. Unfortunately, from the pillars often frustrated and people are dying because Most climbs without insurance, and fly down more than a dozen meters. Therefore, without climbing skills better to use insurance

24. 4th pillar.










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