Darwin approves

Perhaps Charles Darwin was not so far from the truth when he said that humans and apes had a common ancestor: 31-year-old chimpanzee-bonobo Kanzi (translated from Swahili means - treasure) learned to make fire and cook your own food.

As a child, Kanzi, who lives in a kennel for monkeys Great Ape Trust in Iowa, repeatedly watched a movie called "The struggle for the fire».

Gradually, he began to study treatment with matches, picking up dry twigs for the campfire, cooking over a fire ...

Now Kanzi may start a fire with matches, put the pan on the fire grill for cooking hamburger impose lozenge on a stick and gently fry it - so as not to overheat, writes The Daily Mail.

In addition, it puts out a fire when he gets it is no longer needed and are trained to handle fire his son - Teco.


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