In the 1970s, a chimpanzee was found surprisingly similar to human

In the early 70s of the last century, in the jungles of the Congo caught chimpanzees, which have sold in South Africa Barger family - they did dressuroy wild animals for circuses.

The chimpanzee named Oliver. He was unique - very accurately copied the behavior of people. He could buy a soda from the machine, could be drained of water in a toilet. Imitating spouse Borger, he mixed himself drank their cocktails and watching television, and sometimes indulged in, and whiskey.

The dog, which he fed and cared for her, Oliver perceived as human. Even the smell of it is not like an animal - other monkeys on his part. And Oliver looks different from the other monkeys. Glova chest and he was hairless, his ears were like human eyes brighter and the lower jaw is harder than usual in monkeys.

Scientists from the University of Chicago are interested in Oliver, and by making him a blood test revealed he had 47 chromosomes. This on one chromosome less than usual in monkeys, but one more than in humans. Note that the DNA samples and correctly executed the analysis did not survive, however, they constantly refer. This information gave birth to a lot of speculation - from the version that Oliver - is the fruit of love pigmeyki and monkeys, ending with the fact that he - result of a mutation associated with human intervention in the environment in Africa.

Fun family Barger ended at the moment when Oliver reached puberty. Female chimpanzee was not attracted, he laid his eyes on her husband Barger. Dodger waited until her husband was not at home, ran to his wife Barger, climbed under her skirt, showing very obvious signs of sexual arousal. Usually she managed to fend off the animal, but one night (my husband was not at home) Oliver rushed into the bedroom to the poor woman, tore off her shirt and tried to rape. She was saved by miracle. Then Oliver passed for research in medical laboratory in Pennsylvania, where, after several attempts to rape female staff, and severe penalties for it, he turned his attention to female chimpanzees, got himself a harem of seven monkeys and produced a numerous progeny.

Twenty years, researchers have speculated as to whether Oliver hybrid of humans and chimpanzees. Various theories were put forward, one of them says that Oliver is the result of cross-breeding chimpanzees and bonobos (pygmy chimpanzees), and on the other it was assumed that he really "hyumanze" - the result of secret experiments conducted in China, Italy and the United States. However, in 1998, the picture has cleared up. Scientists from the University of Texas concluded that Oliver was a hundred percent of chimpanzees.




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