Fattest dog in the world weighs 58 kg

Fattest dog in the world, according to Guinness World Records - seven year old collie Cassie from the British town of Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

Thick border collie Cassie weighs three times more than it is any other dog of her breed and age. If Cassie weighs 58 kilograms, the average Border Collie weighs 18-20 kg, ie the fattest dog in the world weighs, as the snow leopard and even a pop star Justin Bieber.

The reason for the record weight is unhealthy diet dog diet which usually consists of fried fish on the deep-fried, potato, sweets, chocolate, potato chips and other junk food - fast food.

Due to the enormous weight of that poor Collie difficult not only to move, but also to breathe, so its health engaged experts from a shelter for homeless animals «Dog's Trust», Posada Cassie on a strict diet, and promised to bring the dog into shape, returning to her normal weight through year.

At the same time employees of a shelter for homeless animals indicated that the dog is suffering from obesity the same way as a person, they have increased the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, and other serious diseases.

A huge dog that is too thick to even stand up without any help, and who is suffering from bedsores, taken from an old mistress, who did not think to feed your dog a healthy dog ​​food, and stuffed Cassie everything that was in her hand.

At the same time the hostess was very fond of his dog, and how could it spoiled, not realizing that it does only harm all kinds of sweets.

Now Cassie record holder helps get three employees of a shelter, but at least she has already started to stand, as before she could lie completely collapsed - in such poor condition it and found shelter staff, who took over her full custody.

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