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Once evolution agreed that species of the same family should be a lot, but for unknown reasons, one nature gave deadly fangs and claws, and someone handed soft fluffy paws. Nevertheless, they both successfully live and rejoice, than gave their nature. We offer you a comparative selection of animals of the same species, but significantly different from each other in size.

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The world's smallest snake Barbados Tetracheilostoma carlae, reaches only 10 cm in length in adulthood. Green anaconda is slightly shorter longest snakes, pythons mesh, yet on average they reach a length of 4 ~ 6 m and weigh about 57 kg

The smallest Falabella horse breed weighs only 18 kg. Horses shires, are the largest breed of horses reaching up to 1, 09 tons

Pygmy sperm whale is the smallest in the world, reaching a length of 2 75 meters and weighing 250 kg at the same time. The biggest whale is the blue whale, which is the largest animal in the world (apart from the Arctic cyan) reaching a length of 30, 5 meters and weighing almost 181, 5 tons!

The smallest bird in the world-bee hummingbird weighs about 2 grams. Ostriches are the largest birds weighing an average of about 113, 5 kg. No wonder they can not fly

Fish (excluding sharks)
Paedocypris progenetica is the smallest fish in the world, its length is about 1 cm. Ocean sunfish (Mola mola, or) weighs an average of about 1 ton, but can grow up to 2, 268 tons, reaching a length of 4 m 2 if measure it along.

Dwarf shark Etmopterus perryi is the smallest shark in the world, the length of its body is only 18 cm. The biggest sharks are whale sharks, which grow up to 10 meters in length and weighing about 9 tons (more white sharks grow up to 4, and 6 m weight 910 kg)

Wild cats
Rusty spotted cat, is the smallest representative of the species, it weighs about 1, 3 kg, and the length of its body is equal to 63, 5 cm. Tigers are the largest members of the species, their weight is about 385, 5 kg, and the length of their bodies can reach 3, 35 m.

The smallest butterfly in the world of rock western pygmy blues have a wingspan of only about 1, 27 cm, and at the same time wingspan butterfly called Queen Alexandra's birdwing is up to 25, 5 cm.

Pea crabs - the smallest crabs in the world. They got an unusual name, thanks to its small size, they are parasitic way of life living inside the oyster shells. His distant cousin of the Japanese spider crab, crab is the largest in the world and has a "swing" claw to 3, 65 meters and can weigh up to 18 kg.

Body weight of the smallest dwarf rabbits up to 450 gr. A continental giant rabbits usually grow between 6 and 8 to 9 kg. But the biggest continental giant rabbit rose to 22, 5 kg and length was more than 1, 2 m

Spider patu marplesi is the smallest spider in the world, which is almost impossible to notice, because his body is just half a millimeter long. But the giant huntsman spider is hard to miss, the scope of his limbs is about 30, 5 cm

The body of the octopus dwarf star sucker pygmy octopus across reaches only 1, 27 cm and weighs just 1 gram. While the giant Pacific octopus weighs all of 55 kg, and the length of its body reaches an average of 6 m in diameter, but the biggest Pacific octopus was a 136-pound giant with a body length of 9 m in diameter.

Kitti's hog-nosed bat named Kitty is the smallest bat in the world and probably the smallest mammal. It has a wingspan of about 12 7 cm and weight only 2 grams. Large flying foxes are the largest bats in the world, their weight can reach 1, 13 kg and a wingspan of just over 1, 5 m

Shellfish Waldo probably the smallest clam with the world, having a length of less than 5 mm feet. Waldo name was given to him not by chance, because it is very hard to find as Waldo from the famous children's books. Giant clams are the largest members of the species, some of which can reach about 1, 22 m in length and weighing 204 kg while

Maui's dolphins are the smallest dolphins in the world. The body length of adults of this subspecies is rarely more than 1, 7-1, 9 m and a weight of more than 45 kg. Killer are actually large dolphins (despite the fact that they are known as killer whales), the length of the body 7 can reach 62 meters and a weight of 5, 9 tons.

Speckled tortoises turtles are the smallest turtles in the world, the length of their body reserves 8, 9 cm, weight 113, 5 gr. Leatherback sea turtles are the largest members of the species, on average, they weigh 454 kg, and the length of their bodies can reach up to 2, 1 m. The largest of the leatherback sea turtle found was more than 2, 1 meter in length and weighed 907 kg.

Fenech Chanterelles foxes are the smallest in the world, weighing a total of about 1 kg and 1 reaching 20 cm in height. Red fox foxes are the largest in the world, reaching 51 cm in length and weighing up to 13 kg 6

The smallest frog in the world paedophryne amauensis reach just 7.62 mm length. Paedophryne amauensis is the smallest frog in the world, as well as the smallest known vertebrate. Goliath frog is the largest frog in the world and can grow more than 30 cm in length and weighing in this case 3, 2 kg

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