Darwin Award - 2012 (1 photo + text)

Darwin Awards does not exist as such - is a virtual award which is given annually for the most absurd death.
Grateful contemporaries awarded the elected representatives of its kind, "with the exception of defective genes from the human gene pool."
Prizes are also awarded to the survivors and the people of his own stupidity lost their reproductive capacity.

I - all-powerful!

The winners have not yet named, but the applicants have accumulated more than enough. It is interesting that in 2012, unlike the previous, extremely "fruitful." At the award claim not only single, but the whole group of nominees. This is a group of applications we begin.

So, three Indonesian students decided to test your fitness. They went to the gym?

We went in a difficult hike? No!
To begin with they took rat poison.

Surviving inadvertently fate and confident in their invulnerability, they demanded that a fourth, too narrow-minded in terms of intelligence buddy moved them lying on the pavement a few times on his motorcycle.

Unfortunately, the number of student dropout went down with it. Why "Unfortunately"? Because, perhaps, slightly injured motorcycle wheels, the guys would get a chance to change their mind. But this did not happen.

And the next number of the program was a minibus with ten passengers who were to move our nominees. Of course, without causing them any harm.

And then it was the end. Two died in terrible agony straight under the wheels of the bus, and the third is still in critical condition in the hospital.
Two more Indonesians with the same purpose - confident of their invulnerability - doused each other with sulfuric acid. Heavy them had the death ...

Swimming in liquid nitrogen

Russia is also not lagging behind the progressive thought. For example, one of our young citizens, determined to amaze your girl phenomenal properties of the organism, procured somewhere canister of liquid nitrogen. On the Internet or on television, he saw the experience: man dips his hand in liquid nitrogen, and it remains intact. Foolish or weak memory brought our hero - he missed one important detail. Those who carried out this experiment at first hand wetted with water, which served as a barrier between the skin and nitrogen.

Candidates are invited to visit his mistress, he rolled up his sleeves, and count to three, put his upper limb in a container of liquid nitrogen. He lasted long.

When the pain became unbearable, the hero pulled out a hand, but failed. Capacity overturned his crotch and very quickly everything is frozen.
Now, this citizen is unlikely to be interested in his beloved as a man. However, like any other girl. Therefore, it is a full-fledged contender for the Darwin Award.

Explosive Vtortsvetmet

Stories in which intellectually advanced people are trying to put into scrap metal explosives, refer not only to Russian folklore 1990s. This year, a Brazilian decided to make the non-ferrous metals, selling is not known where the shell taken from a grenade launcher.

At the receiving point, people were more intelligent and said that the shell will be discharged only in the form. However, his level - not explained.

The Brazilian took up the matter on their own. Convinced that unscrew the shell does not work, he went to a nearby body shop and asked where the sledgehammer. I put deadly "toy" on the ground and ... syurpri-out!
The explosion blew apart the six standing next to cars, nor the innocent shop and, of course, our nominee. And arriving police found in the trunk of his car survived another 14 of the same shells.

I'll leave you to ...

Forty-year resident of the city of Bremen (not the musician) took a break from family problems. Leaving his wife laconic note, a summary of which can be transferred in one sentence: "How are you tired of me ...", the German took a tent, a sleeping bag, an incredible amount of alcohol and went to the shores of the North Sea.

Staying in a permitted picnic place (equipped with surveillance cameras, from which became known the whole story), tired of a German family pitched his tent, crawled inside and, apparently, a few hours flooded her grief schnapps.

Soon the storm. Tent stakes are not attached to the ground, the wind began to shift to the surf line. The man tried to get out of it, but, apparently, alcohol did their dirty work, and he's just confused in a tent and sleeping bags. The mighty gust of wind dragged the resulting mummy to the cliff and threw the unfortunate offspring of the Teutons in the icy waves, which he, of course, immediately went to the bottom.

Canine «concentration camp»

Rottweiler - a serious dog, and the relationship between him and the owner must be correct. Hardly anyone would argue with that. However, the 60-year-old resident of the Czech Republic seems to think otherwise. This is inexcusable, since it is engaged in breeding dogs of this breed difficult.

Neighbors later confirmed that the breeder is constantly yelling at their pets (and there she lived in the house as much as 25!), Beat them periodically left without food and deprived walks. A good woman, what to say ...

Therefore, when one began to breakfast hungry dogs his mistress, the neighbors did not even react to the cries and did not call the police. They decided that crazy screaming (which soon subsided) Grandma just "educate" pupils.

Go-oo-ol !!!

51 times shouted 26-year-old Chinese man for 11 days, virtually continuous viewing football matches. I shouted and ... died.

A young man returning from work, sat down to the TV until the early hours, without sleep or rest, smoking cigarette after cigarette, consuming an inordinate amount of beer, 11 days in a row enjoying the spectacle of a loved football. He is interrupted only for trips to the service and to the store for beer. On the twelfth day, the 51st gol hearts of fans could not stand.

Insurance for idiocy

Although Darwin Award and virtual rewards, but also on it, it turns out, you can make real money.

It failed American Amanda Martin, with the help of the court to prove that her late husband - complete moron.

And it was so. Four years ago, Amanda's husband tried to cure impotence, connect to their reproductive organs wires and letting them talk. It is interesting that the man was a professional electrician and, apparently, so believe in the omnipotence of the electric current.
However, despite the professionalism he once went too far with the stress that led to his untimely death.

The insurance company, of course, refused to pay the widow of insurance, citing the fact that her husband had deliberately committed suicide, and it is not an insurance case.

But Amanda, the woman is brave and adventurous, not afraid pettifoggers. It is proved by a court that her husband took his own life because he was an idiot, worthy Darwin Award. As a result, he received a premium.

Source: asaratov.livejournal.com


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