Frenzy in the name of love (10 photos)

Those who fall in love know what actions you can take on this ground.
The most important thing is not to go for the line that separates the mad romance of clinical madman.

Can we say the same about the heroes of this article - judge for yourself.

1. The staging his own death as a way to make an offer

Imagine you come to a meeting with someone you love, and you can see at the appointed place his crumpled car and a pool of blood. The lifeless body of her lover right before your eyes lay on a stretcher, and enter into an ambulance. You tell the sad news. There is no hope. You naturally desperate cry, cry ... A minute later your dead friend magically appears alive and well, with balloons and ring. Drops to one knee and asks to be his wife. In your state of shock to answer "no", you have no chance.

This is the way to make an offer to chose from Omsk businessman Alexey Bykov. Preparation for presentation took four days. That everything went off without a hitch, Alex hired professionals: operator, screenwriter, director and make-up artist. It turned out very believable and ended the wedding.

Later, she admitted that "banal" proposal made at the restaurant probably would answer refusal.

2. Husband and wife lie under the knife of plastic surgeons to be exactly the same

Many happy couples eventually become similar to each other. They understand each other perfectly, they appear general manner, the same passions ... But beyond all this process went spouses and performance artists from Britain and Neil Megson Jacqueline - and not because they have lived together for many years. His transformation they have entrusted plastic surgeons.

Neil and Jacqueline so much in love with each other, which, in their own words, felt "one man." One day they decided to change that and also physically be the same. And then another, and change the names so that they, too, were identical - Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. Transfiguration involved, including the appearance of Neil female breast, not including such details as the change in the shape of noses, eye shape, bulk lips ... As a result of the operation rose spouses in the amount of 200 000 dollars. And that's all for this:

In 2007, the former Jacqueline died of cancer. After that, to this day, her husband calls himself not only as "we«.

3. To return the girl, the guy made a friend shoot

Twenty Jordan Cardella threw girl. He thought, thinking about how to get her back, and everything seemed to him such a picture: it lies lifeless, covered in blood, and beloved shed bitter tears over him in repentance and tears his hair out. The idea (borrowed, most likely because of the story of some soap opera) was so attractive and seemed a win-win that unfortunate in love decided on its implementation.

It's more like something you can understand. By unrequited love and not those thoughts in my head. Country Other - Jordan somehow managed to persuade his best friend Michael vesico participate in the realization of this, frankly, not very sensible plan. Michael was given the role of villain. He was shot in Jordan - and more than once, or even twice, but three times. After that, the bleeding victim was planned to invite rejecting its beauty.

In general, my friends chose the quiet and picturesque corner of the park, where Michael fired the first shot in the hand of a friend. Jordan fell; but even then, writhing in pain and clutching his good arm bleeding wound, demanded that Michael made two more shots promised. And Michael at this moment in my head that something apparently cleared, because he flatly refused and immediately brought another to the hospital.

Girl learning about the incident, decided that it was better not to deal with "this crazy" nothing to do, and never even visited a former boyfriend in the hospital.

But it was visited by police who were called criminal friends to as "unprecedented degree of idiocy«.

4. The killer falls in love with the victim and fakes her murder

When Maria Simoes found out that her husband was unfaithful, before it was a choice of three options: 1) to file for divorce, 2) have a lover, and 3) to kill the opponent. After some deliberation Mary chose the third option and hired killer - an unemployed guy named Roberto Carlos.

By a strange coincidence, Lupita (mistress) was a childhood friend of the killer. And he realized that he could not and so, for the great live, to kill the girl, which was once twitched pigtails and ride a bike. So he did the best that was possible in such a situation: persuaded the alleged victim to fake his own murder.

Lupita She drenched herself obediently ketchup, put the biggest kitchen knife under his arm like a thermometer, and gave himself to be photographed:

Oddly enough, it convinced zakazchitsu and it paid a substantial fee killer.

Life seemed to have sorted itself - the husband became Maria noticeably softer and more is not lost in the evenings knows where. The story so would have ended, but ... a few days later accidentally collided with Mary "dead", but still with an embrace with a "killer." A woman came into such a rage that he immediately went to the police and scribbled a statement accusing the couple of fraud. What, what, and the originality of logical thinking this woman can not refuse.

It is hardly necessary to have a law degree to guess who turned out to be a result of behind bars.

5. Paradise Cave

Fifty years ago, when the Chinese Liu Goshiyangu was only nineteen, he fell in love. To the dismay of his relatives and to the delight of the local gossips, his choice was a widow, and even 10 years older. Realizing that live together they still will not give, lovers decided to run away and live in a cave. Where, as a result, and lived 50 happy years of love and harmony.

Initially, of course, had a very hard time. Without sanitation, and electricity was still possible to somehow manage, but of food they were initially only grass roots yes.

And then slowly settled down. To his wife was easier to descend and ascend to a new home, Liu a bit hollowed staircase of 6000 steps.

Judging by the parties, these people about anything not regret.



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