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All more or less serious companies periodically alter their logo. And again
educated perplexed his creation as such. And rightly so. Well, what is a company without a logo. So shameful one. Well, as usual, there is a contest among gentlemen designers. All rank by rank.
That's our Belarusian neighbors airline «Belavia» decided not to reinvent the wheel and announced a corresponding event. And they still were given a fresh and unconventional solutions. I would say somewhere revolutionary.
Well, in fact. What associations we have with the word Belarus? Forest. Potatoes. For those who are older - the guerrillas. BelAZ. Tractor "Belarus". You can probably something else to add. But, without much risk of being mistaken, we assume that all the same in the association list by a wide margin the great leader "peretrahivatel government" and the eternal president (as a position for him incorrectly called them), Mr. Lukashenko. And rightly so. Image of a big man - a place here. On board ships the best (and perhaps only) airlines of the country. You just look closely, as it blends naturally courageous recognizable shape the contours of the rapid liner! How subtly caught the author's logo is subtle internal resemblance! I do not know what decision the Commission (I do not doubt her competence), but I would give preference to this option.
And I would like to see a continuation of this initiative we Ukraine. I think there are, and we have companies sochtuschie honored to reflect on its logo Viktor Yanukovych, Mykola Azarov and many other worthy sons and daughters Nenko.


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