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The editorial board of "Idea X" turned out his pockets of his waistcoat chief editor Anatoly Wasserman. I do not excelled as many would-be explorers, discovering in the pockets of the venerable scholar of oil, the brain is not gold. Individuals even went so far that the individual pockets are found in rodents and other pests of fields and gardens.
We offer the official inventory of the contents of the pockets of his vest Anatoly Wasserman, Wasserman excluding centimeter with whipped grading, which was presented to the editor of the site "The ideas of X».

A brief inventory of the contents of his pockets Anatoly Wasserman
Chief editor Anatoly Wasserman appeared in the native version of the magazine immediately after his arrival from Odessa, his arrival from the station on the day of his birth to promptly conduct a photo shoot. Despite the slight fatigue, he was extremely cheerful spirit: telling stories, joked a lot, read a new book on the arms and at the same time managed to give a strong administrative orders. When the chief editor of the distracted half a minute in the 27th, a secret pocket vest employees publication ... accidentally discovered oil. Who carried out a tender for the development of this field, and its exact location is strictly classified. But the contents of the remaining pockets of open access.


Mnogokarmannye wear vests with 1986. Initially, he sewed his own. Then - when the sale began to appear hunting vests - and started buying them doshivat missing pockets. Finally, in the last five years in the company ordering vests sewing clothes. However, there will only accept wholesale orders - not less than 20 vests. I for my remaining years in which I can still carry a load, hardly worn more than a dozen. Therefore, the surplus sold. And when he decided to strengthen some clasps and so did the new order, and not worn at the same time sold the remainder of the previous.
On the Internet haunting references 28 pockets of my vest. This is - the result of my typing errors in answering someone's question. In fact, in the last and penultimate models 26 pockets. The previous - and even less.


Vest rear upper
The book "The Federalist." The authors of the Constitution of the United States of America - Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay - a large series of newspaper essays key provisions of the constitution have proved so convincing that in the end, all 13 states voted in favor of it, and in 1787 th it entered into force. Since then, the number of living under this Constitution, have already reached 50, and it amended only 26 (although the first 10 - the so-called Bill of Rights - wholesale, as one of the conditions for its adoption). I bought the book for a long time, but I read in fits and starts - in between current affairs. And always happy to not only the depth of the political thought, but also the style, unattainable for today's politicians.
Cassette recorder. Like hoary antiquity I have long switched to digital. But the tape was still dragging around, and even recently bought a new one, as in the previous mechanical wear. Send komunibud recorded tape sometimes much easier than distill files from digicam.

Air bag around his neck. It allows pretty comfortable to sleep sitting. When my ragged lifestyle brought sometimes some sleep in the most unexpected places, such as an official car of my colleague and old friend Nurali Latypov (I did the car do not drive and personal do not have - it is easier, if necessary, to catch the street passing car or "fish is").

Rear lower
Folding automatic umbrella. Posted so well that it does not hinder me in any position. Therefore, I do not remove it, even in winter.

VEST. The right side

Upper floor: Right
The coil with thin fishing line to be used as a sewing thread.
Plastic boxes with large sewing needles. Crochet hook with cap (I, alas, I do not know how to knit, but it is convenient hook to pull out every detail of the narrow slits).
Styptic pencil (stick of compressed crystals of alum in plastic packaging). Lantern with a miniature incandescent lamp.

Middle floor: Right countersunk (zip - under his arm)
The internal passport of citizen of Ukraine.
A passport of citizen of Ukraine.
A small collection of notes (mostly out-of-treatment).

Middle Floor: The second layer: the extreme right
Digital camera. Hard cardboard cover identity. It invested the official certificates for the knives that I carry with me: the examination of the Ministry of Interior recognizes these knives are not machetes, and economic and household tools.
Digital pass the building of the magazine "Idea X».

Middle Floor: The second layer: right closest to the clasp
The keys to the apartment in Odessa. Lantern with nine LEDs.

Middle Floor: The second layer: the right vertical zipper at
Ballpoint pens, markers, clutch pencil with pencil 2, 2 mm, knife sharpener combination of different types, the marker text.

Middle floor: Front cover: right wing
Roulette with a soft tape (tailor centimeter spring retraction) .Monokulyar 2, 5 * 20 (m-th. A miniature telescope with a 2, 5-fold increase and the diameter of the inlet 20 mm lens).
Miniature whistle, siren (to raise the noise in the case of a surprise attack).
Miniature screwdriver with interchangeable attachments. Miniature shoe horn

Middle floor: Front layer: right closest to the clasp
Safety pins of different sizes. Disinfectant pencil rod of compacted silver nitrate crystals in a plastic case.
Nail clippers. Collection of cardboard tickets Moscow metro overprinted in honor of various holidays and anniversaries. Miniature digital lock.

Middle floor: Front cover: right vertical zipper at
Collet with an eraser to erase pencil inscriptions.
Ballpoint pens, markers.
Ballpoint pen with whitewash to paint inscriptions.
Box slates 2, 2 mm.
Spare blades for the knife for papers

Ground floor: Front cover: Right

Atlas of the world, the Moscow region, Moscow (each house), taxis Odessa

Ground floor: a second layer: Right

Solar Calculator.
Personal and business telephone directories (print fine print on multiple sheets).
List of books available to me a few prolific writers whose work I can not keep in memory and therefore no list of risk to buy something again.

Box for business cards (it is stored as a spare SIM-Card: I use in Ukraine and Russia have different cards).
Wallet with old recordings (perhaps it's time to transfer these records to the digital medium, but still could not reach the hands).

Ground floor: Front layer: right closest to the clasp

Business cards have not yet entered into the phone and a directory.
Entries addresses and phone numbers (at subway ticket) have not made (or to be included, because the need for one-time use) in your phone and reference

Several packages bactericidal patches.
Several packages replacement handles are 0, 5 mm.
Butane Lighter (it is often used even non-smokers).
Glue sticks.
Cans of pepper spray

Ground floor: Front cover: right wing

Bank cards.
Discount cards.
Miniature (80 mm) loading optical discs with multiple versions of the operating system Linux.
A set of tweezers with different forms of sponges.

Upper floor: left

Monocular 5 * 25 (ie, a miniature telescope with a 5-fold increase in the diameter of the inlet and 25 mm lens).
Mechanical bottle caps with bottle opener in the handle. Boxes liquorice pastilles (alas, in recent years, it is a treat in Moscow is no longer imported, so eat up old stock).
Flash drive capacity 4 G bytes.
Flash drive capacity 8 G bytes

Middle floor: Front cover: left winger

Miniature sponge for cleaning footwear.
Gilotinka cigar (until now never used).
Plastic box for pills (sometimes have to grab the vitamins out of the house for the reception of the schedule).
Two subminiature folding knife.
Miniature lights with LED.
Flash drive capacity of 1 G bytes (at present is negligible, and old it - that and look to fail begin; but it is one of the latest releases, with the mechanical engine lock records, so that it may be safely connected to someone else's computer without fear that it will climb the virus).
Flash drive capacity to 32G bytes.

Middle Floor: The second layer: the left vertical zipper at

Mechanical pencils with leads 0, 5 mm in different colors.
Ballpoint pens.
Screwdriver with interchangeable nozzles and a ratchet mechanism to rotate it in one direction without interception and shaking his hand in both directions.

Middle floor: left countersunk (zip - under his arm)
The internal passport of the citizen of the USSR with overprint of Ukrainian citizenship (no longer valid due to lack of pictures pasted in 45 years - by the time Ukraine has not pasted photos in Soviet passports and issue new).
A passport of citizen of Ukraine (not valid in itself, but it included a special mark on the validity of visas made to him and other service marks when presented it along with a valid passport).
Foreign passport CSSR overprinted on Citizenship of Ukraine (no longer valid due to expiration, but there remained only my official photo taken in 1995).
Work-book (of course it must be kept in the organization, a staff member that I am, but this organization is public, and technically can not burden themselves with safe and archives, so a fair amount of its documentation kept by the employees).
Hank rubber rings for tightening market.

Middle Floor: The second layer: left winger

Magnifier combined 4-fold to 10-fold insert.
Magnifier combined: 10-fold 3-cell and 20-fold 5-cell.
Hooks for hanging bags under the table top, 2 pieces

Middle Floor: The second layer: left closest to the clasp

Folding knife.
Replacement cassette recorder to

VEST. The left side

Middle floor: Front cover: left closest to the clasp
A stack of cardboard tickets Moscow metro (the board does not wear out over the years, so I use the clean side of tickets for recording addresses and phone numbers, as well as signing autographs; unfortunately, the tickets of this sample is no longer available, and the new have printed text on both sides so use them to record uncomfortable

Magnifier combined 2-fold to 8-fold insert.
Magazine with small sewing needles.
6 dice (used to be fond of a few gambling, even though we played with colleagues not always on the money, but only in the result).
Middle floor: Front cover: left vertical zipper at
Ballpoint pens, markers.
A knife with a retractable blade sectioned paper cutting.
A set of nail files.
Metal comb (alas, it soon will have nothing to comb).
Sliding telescope 8 * 10 (m-th. To 8-fold increase in the diameter of the input aperture lens of 10 mm) - With these parameters it can only be used in bright daylight, eyepiece tube can be used as a 30x microscope

Ground floor: a second layer: left

Several old records in plastic packaging.
Plastic case with Needle (miniature Files with shallow notch) of different shapes and handle them.
10x microscope.

Ground floor: a second layer: left

Roulette: 10 m, metric and inch graduations.
Scotch clerical 19mm matte in a plastic container with a cutting edge.
A set of miniature (hours) screwdrivers.
The adhesive roller to remove dust and fibers from the fabric.

Ground floor: Front cover: left winger

Tool kit in a plastic bag and size of a credit card.
Invalid service certificates (a couple of times went from different organizations under circumstances that do not allow to return the license).
Library card several libraries (Odessa Regional Scientific, Russian State, the State Public Scientific and Technical).
Tablets analgesic (ibuprofen) in a blister.
Butane Lighter (flare type - with a powerful flame, in form similar to the oxyacetylene burner).

Ground floor: Front cover: left closest to the clasp

Monthly ticket for all public transport in Moscow (if I had to buy separate tickets for a month would spend 2 to 3 times less, but I prefer not to think, if I have at the moment a stock of tickets, and is willing to pay for it) .
Actual service certificates.
2 sewed with plastic protective caps.
Spray synthetic pepper spray.



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