The whole truth about Anatoly Wasserman

1. In numerous pockets Anatoly Wasserman keeps dead kittens and hamsters.

2. Anatoly Wasserman - father Nikolay Valuev.

3. Anatoly Wasserman 7 brains, one in the head, 5 stuffed in his pockets and a beard.

4. Anatoly Wasserman was photographed during sex with Valeria. Scandals! Intrigue! Investigations!

5. Anatoly Wasserman vest weighs 70 kg and contains 354 subject. Among other things, he always carries a pocket astrolabe and a scale model of the universe.

6. The brain Anatoly Wasserman - is the only thing in the universe, which is needed to Chuck Norris.

7. Anatoly Wasserman does not need internet, it has a memory.

8. vest Wasserman integrated metal frame to support the 30-pound brain. Friends for this purpose uses the nostrils.

9. After Armageddon, the survivors will hear a voice from heaven Wasserman. He will say: "Calm down, Chuck. Who, after all, will have to fix it ».

10. When broken down the Internet, you can connect to Anatoly Wasserman and restore it from the cache.

11. Five minutes of contemplation pictures Anatoly Wasserman iq increases by 30%.

12. When Anatoly eats human brain, he gets all of his knowledge.

13. Anatoly Wasserman never eat mushrooms because any fungus can be Anatoly Wasserman. And Anatoly Wasserman does not like recursion.

14. Points Anatoly Wasserman, among other things see in the infrared and X-ray spectrum. Therefore, he is not lying when he says that he sees
interlocutor through.
PS. Chuck Norris is sometimes lends them to fight aviaterrorizmom to look at naked women at the airport.

15. Chuck Norris bedtime necessarily calls Anatoly Wasserman.

16. In early childhood Anatoly Wasserman wore tights with 15 pockets.

17. Anatoly Wasserman wipes his ass punch cards.

18. The wife is still out of habit he calls Wasserman Sauron-Great.

19. If Wasserman pull his beard three times and make a wish, it will be immediately and Nikolay Valuev will stuff your face.

20. Hamster Anatoly Wasserman received a second degree.

21. Anatoly just waiting for his hamster receive the Nobel Prize, and then eat his brain.

22. FSB keeps hair from the beard of Anatoly Wasserman as a reference nanotechnology.

23. Wasserman Wikipedia works in his spare time.

24. Google fits into the cerebellum Wasserman.

25. Google and Wikipedia - just small private events fleeting thought Anatolia.

26. Early response Anatoly Wasserman is the only case of exceeding the speed of light in the macrocosm.

27. Anatoly Wasserman reading books in the infrared range at a rate of up to 1250 Mbit / s at distances up to 900 meters.

28. Anatoly Wasserman like pickpockets.

29. Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush are just pawns in a treacherous game, Anatoly Wasserman.

30. In school, Grisha Perelman lose a bet Tole Wasserman chocolate "Alenka" in the debate about the model of the bosonic string theory.

31. Few people know that Anatoly Wasserman invented and patented the same recipes for 258 of his favorite buckwheat oladushek.

32. Hamster Anatoly Wasserman headed corporation «Microsoft».

33. waistcoat pockets Wasserman is artifacts.
In particular, it became known that he has:
artifact to + 500% to -90% of the memory and libido
artifact +6 Intellect -10 Agility.

34. It Anatoly Wasserman invented soup and holiday in Egypt.

35. Chuck Norris - disguised hamster Anatoly Wasserman.

36. Wasserman believes that "42" - is unnecessarily lengthy answer to the main question of Life, the Universe and Everything

37 Anatoly leshilsya virginity by having sex with a heavily loaded server Pentagon.

38. When Anatoly Wasserman spoils the air in offices, typists start typing 30% faster.

39. The program What? Where? When? not like Wasserman, special friends. Sometimes, he calls in the evening and starts talking all sorts of abominations of a woman's voice. A
Wasserman everyone listens to kill the woman or the first to graduate from the conversation does not allow education.

40. Anatoly Wasserman can view scan the barcode and burn DVD.

41. In fact, Chuck - the supposed evil counterpart Anatoly. When a child Anatoly blamed for the fact that he once wrote in a portrait Eynsheyna
"Loser", he always said: "It's not me, it's Chuck!».

42. Even the Anatoly Wasserman does not know whether he came up with the universe, or that the universe came up with Wasserman.

43. Anatoly Wasserman not scat.

44. In the pocket numbered zero Anatoly Wasserman holds a list of the contents of his pockets. And the number one in your pocket - back it up.

45. Fingerprints Anatoly Wasserman is the Mandelbrot fractals.

46. ​​In Japanese surname Wasserman written with two characters, one of which is the "brain" and the second "Almighty».

47. Dumbledore and Gandalf were created solely in order to prepare children and teenagers to the fact of the existence of Anatoly Wasserman.

48. beard Anatoly Wasserman put two liters of borscht.

49. Anatoly Wasserman appeared nude centerfold of the magazine "Popular mehannika».

50. Ed actually Wasserman at night pigtail braids in his beard becomes Grebenshchikov and wrote songs for him.

51. When Anatoly Wasserman wants to go somewhere, he does not go there, and moves toward the universe itself.

52. When Anatoly Wasserman wants sex, it just develops a new theory which then has the entire scientific world.

53. When Anatoly Wasserman gets bored, he backs up the universe.

54. Scientists do not yet realize that the Big Bang - is an orgasm Anatoly Wasserman.

55. Anatoly Wasserman is able to divide by zero!

56. First, a beard and a vest, which over time has acquired Anotoliem Wasserman.

57. Anatoly Vassrman the only person in the world that can prove a point IM bot.

58. Artemy Lebedev Immaculate Conception son Anatoly Wasserman.

59. Anatoly Wasserman beat Alexandra Pakhmutova in Pakhmutov.

60. Nostradamus predicted that in 2017 the earth will be filled pockets Wasserman, and mankind will perish.


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