10 historical facts, in which a long time ago it's time to stop believing

history of mankind - the science, which still causes much controversy. Scientists disagree on many issues. But even those facts that no one in doubt, often inaccurate, if not false. < Website publishes the best-known historical facts, which are in fact far from the truth

Myth:. Mickey Mouse Walt Disney drew
True. : It was created by the company's chief animator Ub Iwerks

Myth:. painter Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear
True:. He cut only the tip of the lobe and the rest of the ear is not affected

Myth:. Napoleon was very low growth
True:. The growth of the French Emperor was close to 170 see

Myth:. envious Salieri to Mozart
True:. Salieri was the court conductor and prosper more than Mozart

Myth: Ferdinand Magellan first toured the world
True:. He died before he could go through only half way

Myth:. Cleopatra was an Egyptian
True:. It was of Greek origin

Myth:. Albert Einstein was a poor student
The truth:. < / with the exact sciences, he coped well

Myth:. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb
True:. Edison only figured out how to do so lamp to burn continually

Myth:. Newton invented the law of gravity when an apple fell on his
True:. apple fell to the ground near with scientists. This fall it inspired

Myth:. «The Bronze Horseman" is made of copper, because the so-called
True:. The monument to Peter I made bronze, and the name derives from the Pushkin's poem.

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