Creek soul Michael Zhvanetskogo

brilliant satirist and humorist Zhvanetski wrote not very funny, but very sincere and honest lyrics about the Russians.

About how we are gloomy and harsh, written hundreds of times. The fact that we have the gall and eternally dissatisfied, too. The fact that the citizens of this vast country are ready to blame anyone but themselves, as is known well. Mikhail combined it all in his inimitable laconic manner, and came to a wonderful and decent conclusion.

Website Recommended reading and reflection. We must start with ourselves.

- Our people aspire to Stockholm (London, etc.) only in order to be surrounded by the Swedes.

Everything else is already in Moscow. Or almost there.
Not to leave, changing lives, profession, to eat something, and not in order to live under the guidance of the Swedish prime minister ...

So what do we do?
I would say: I am in the Swedish side. This does not want to talk about, because it is easy to talk.
But even realize.
There we like white crows, rabbits as black as the yellow horse.

We are different from all.
We have seen.
We are aggressive.
We irritable.
We are somewhere in a hurry and do not give anyone time to think.
We roughly impatient.

All in silence waiting for the front located, we climb through the elbow, behind the back, we are pushing ahead impatiently standing: he allegedly slowly crosses.
We hurry to the plane, a train, a bus, although we are already there.
We go now to the taxi and impatiently pushing outsiders. We hurry.
Where? At the apartment.
What for? Well, come quickly. Quickly gather at the table.
Take all together ...
But we are already together ?!
We can not relax.
We can not believe in the surroundings. We need to push the same and go through, the fire blazing blue emergency lights.
We all kagebisty, we're on a mission.
We have seen.
We heard.
We still smell then, although it does not produce anything.

Boastful, aggressive and indecent clamorous.
Perhaps we are not to blame for this.
But who?
Well, let's say, the Jews.
So our Jews and just look ...
A British Jews and the British have.
It seems that we have a bad washed clothes that take a shower every day, we can not.

We annoying stranger purity.
We can harknut on clean pavement.
Why is that? We can not explain.
Spirituality and love of country are not suitable here.
And it is not about imitation, not the humiliation in front of them is a speech ... And just ... And just everywhere ducks, rabbits running around, it was hares, uneaten.
The fish do not glaring no one takes it from the water.
And everywhere a few people.
The strange world.
Available on the bus.
Available at the store.
Available in the closet.
Available in the gym.
Available in the pool.
Available in the hospital.
If there do not rush our impatience to lie down, stand up impatiently.

We are terribly annoying when something is not there, like at home we all have.
I can not understand why we want something from everyone and do not want anything from you?
Of course, we will not change, but at least recognize ...
From us do not want to live slightly richer.
It is not they want to live among us.
This is what we want to live among them.
Do we feel that they are better?
So I say, among us there are such as in Stockholm.
They live in monasteries. Our monks and the Swedes have.
According to its softness, and tihosti nezloblivosti.
Here I am, if I was not a Jew and a humorist, I would live in the monastery.
This is the place where I was happy with everything.
Hang cross on his chest, like our pop stars, I can not. Her [ pop star em>] just want to squeeze in a corner, learn nationality and eliciting long as it did.
What are you hung up the cross, and not me?
Get dressed decently though.

"In Soviet times, it was fun," - said the guy in the "Old apartment».
Communal Living unwittingly contributes to this.
It was fun, I know.
I was the humorist.
Soviet period and the Swedes liked.
We sat outside the fence, having fun in the kitchen, singing in the woods, read on the subway.
Solzhenitsyn was a cover of "Sections».
Sure, it was fun, friendly, united.
And what we have become, we have learned from others when they opened the gate.
We ask a doctor:
- Doctor, how am I? What's wrong with me?
Diagnosis by.

No president will not change us.
He is from us.
He did not know how to break.
We have a path to the top can not be honest - absolutely.
Why are you at a young age went to the district committee of the party or the KGB?
Well, how do you explain?
We all refused ?!
We lied, writhed, crawled, hid in a hole, but not recruited as well! The same train! ..
You can sell your vote, talent, skill.
And if not, you are selling the soul and wondering why you elect, believing a word.

Our diagnosis - we still uncivilized.
We have a very low percentage of hits in the toilet, in the spittoon in the urn.
The language we speak, rude.
We translate from the mat.
We are well aware of the power and love, submit to this dictatorship and crime. And in prison, and in life.

That's what I think:

We need to stop hating someone else. Stop irritated. Stop rushing. Stop being afraid. Stop listening, just listen. Stop asking. Stop humiliated. Smile. Through the power. Fake. But be sure to smile. Next:

On the future president - contract! It we provide security, freedom of expression, justice, freedom of every person and peace, that is, long-term rules. A feeding, income, place of residence, education, entertainment and work - our work. And all. do not think about it.
We have too much to do.

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