50 pearls from Michael Zhvanetskogo that shoot straight to the heart. It is good that we have it!

Mikhail Zhvanetskiy in representation on the territory of the former Soviet Union is clearly not needed. He is a native of Odessa, apparently absorbed its unsurpassed sense of humor with their mother's milk or the first to hear the dialogue in a typical inner courtyards, "the pearl of the sea". Do women love great Zhvanetskogo? Of course! Listen to the man whether it bright as flowers, and brisk, like lizards, phrases? Absolutely. And all because that favorite satirist able to tell you about our pressing problems like no other: seasoned with humor, a touch of self-irony and adding at the same time shot into the heart.

On this day Ofigenno.cc publish for you 50 of the most striking quotes Mikhail in one line, which does not seem to lose its relevance than ever. If brevity - the sister of talent, the Zhvanetskiy, apparently his brother.

There is no need to run away from the sniper - only die tired.

The crew says goodbye to you and wishes you a pleasant flight ...

A lot of good people in the world. But in the world to them anymore ...

Nothing hurts a person, like shards of their own happiness.

In life there is always a feat. You just need to be away from this place. B>

Positive emotions - it is the emotions that arise when all put ...

¬ęSuit Eve" she really is, but you need to take in some places.

Not only to find their place in life, you have to find it first.

If a person knows what he wants, then he or knows a lot or a little wants.

Until seven times measure, others are already cut off.

All going well, just past ...

If a person can not be bought, it can sell.

All people - brothers, but not all of the mind.

And then he took a knife and killed himself.

Born to crawl - crawl through everywhere.

bold Luck smiles ... And then laughs at them for a long time!

How unfortunate that you finally leave ...

Of two evils, I then selects what panshe not ppoboval ...

The main thing - do not go out to the light.

Nice to live not forbid. But you can prevent ...

Do not drive faster than flying your guardian angel.

to run across the street at a red light and was hit by oncoming pedestrians.

I can drive too fast to worry about cholesterol!

Any car will last until the end of life, if you go dashing enough.

Scientists - light and ignorance - pleasant shade.

The thought only thought when her head thinking.

Few know his own worth - have yet to be in demand.

If you long call relatives or friends, so they have everything well.

What roof does not like to drive fast?

Some look brave, because they are afraid to escape.

Better seven times sweating than once with frost!

He went to bed and fell asleep struggling.

The idea came into his head and now chases the brain.

I infinitely respect the enormous choice of my people.

In some protected both sides of the skull, while others - pants.

Friends are learned in trouble, of course, if they manage to find in this case.

Better lunch without appetite than the appetite without dinner.

strong wind was blowing so that cigarettes with a gut-wrenching teeth.

Every person in his own right. And in my opinion - it is not. B>

So I saw you on crutches, and you're my one eye!

Do not exaggerate the stupidity of the enemies and loyalty to friends.

I remember in my 43-m so sore feet! And I bought a 45th - and normally. B>

In order to save the sinking, enough to lend a hand - it is necessary to have it filed its response.

Live 200 years, the great satirist! Zhvanetskiy taught and successfully continues to teach us the main thing - the ability to laugh at themselves. Thank you, Mikhail, for something that helps to look from a different angle even burnt toast, the annoying neighbor or a crack in the wall. After all, the formula is simple: the more imperfections in life, the more reason to joke and laugh. Is not the point?

Fans Zhvanetskogo can you not be, but to share the post with one another is required. Admit it, this brilliant satirist arranged head. And leave us in the comments your favorite quote.

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