KVN: 26 amusing pictures that prove that our people do not understand the mind.

Today hendmeyd, or, more simply, handmade at the peak of popularity. Now, every third something so manufactures their own hands. However, the Russian people for centuries was famous for a special ingenuity. Remember though heading "crazy hands" of the popular '90s TV show "So far all the houses." This was the so-called mine of ideas for all the craftsmen of the CIS countries, whose hands were scratched anything to invent improvised. Apparently, our people once had enough of this ingenious heading. Give the hands of the Russian people hammer and wire - and before you could blink, he without any exaggeration there you have built from this rubbish the royal mansion. We will not go into detail about usability, appearance and functionality of such a monastery.

This hilarious 26 shots for Russian intricate. Such never disappear!

Probably, it is transferred to the mother's milk ...

The weaker sex, you say?

Greenpeace FOREVER!

Here's a masterpiece succeeded in creating Grisha and his drinking buddies.

When pregnant wife wanted something tasty, and you can not find the pan ...

No wonder they say that in the post-Soviet countries are born the best inventors.

It is evident that there is a man in the house!

I think this guy is unstoppable ...

In harmony with nature.

Yes, foreign inventors us not hold a candle!

Guests of five star hotel in Rio de Janeiro.

What's the difference what row?

whether to laugh, or cry ...

Why such good to disappear?

The traditional interior elements in the Russian kitchen.

Optimize residential space - our all!

Not hut and on chicken legs, but will come down!

Romantic candlelight dinner for.

No worries and anxieties, but romance ...

Dog leash live a new life.

We somehow do without ladders ...

What you need in the summer heat!

That's the real owners: the children are fed and order in the house, and most importantly - no costs! Truth be told: "Necessity is the mother of invention." Russian human ability to get out in any situation and under any circumstances, can only envy. Share these funny pictures of his comrades.

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