25 winged sayings famous humorist Mikhail Zhvanetskogo. What a truly!

The man with a bright mind - one of the most courageous actors and comedians of our time. Apt humorous sayings Michael Zhvanetskogo has long had become aphorisms. All these catch phrases are full of devastating proportion of sarcasm and irony with which Zhvanetskiy ridicules the most common vices of society, brings them to the general overview, all we could see myself from the outside. In the words of a classic German Erich Maria Remarque: «If you do not laugh at the 20th century, it is necessary to shoot». I> to the crazy 21st century, too, it is better to be treated with humor. After all, how much of that life ?! Mikhail Zhvanetskogo it goes in a special way skillfully.

Without humor in this world just do not get along. It is valuable to be able to laugh at themselves. Share these statements truthful famous comedian with your friends!

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