20 tips in a difficult moment from Michael Zhvanetskogo

Satirists - special people. They see us through, and often reveal the sordid side of life, to show that in fact the person is capable of high-flying.

Website recommends that if you feel that things are not as we would like to listen to the advice of Michael Zhvanetskogo. He can be trusted.

Past life as the old cars - can be touched, but the ride is not. Out. Never exaggerate stupid enemies and loyalty to friends. It's okay if you laugh at you. Much worse when crying over you. Do not worry about any nonsense. And because of the nonsense not to worry too late. In order to save the sinking, enough to lend a hand - it is necessary to have it filed its response. Well, at least five minutes a day, think bad about yourself. When you feel bad about thinking - this one ... But of himself five minutes a day ... It's like thirty minutes of running. The slave begins as follows: "They are to blame for the fact that I ..." Free "I am to blame for what I ..." Dobpo always triumphs over evil. So who won - and that good. Humor - is salvation. And tears - that's life. Because laughter through tears - our most important achievement for all the years of existence. In life there is always a feat. You just need to be away from this place. Do not ask the opinions of those who disagree, I ask those who object. Everything in this world is relative. For example, the length of a minute depends on which side of the toilet door you are. When you do not really want to, not get. Better to remain silent and appear a fool than to speak and did not leave in this regard is no doubt. Do what you say! But do not tell what you're doing. Have a conscience and do what you want. Of course, time heals, but when you recover, it will go away from you too. Hatred - is love, crippled offense. Life is short. And we should be able to. Must be able to walk away from a bad movie. Throw a bad book. Away from the bad man. They are many. Life - is to raise, lower and move on with the clearance.

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