20 animals with the most enviable hair. No, this is not advertising the shampoo ...

Regardless of the type of your hair, you can always come up with some kind of hairstyle that is right for you. All these animals do well with a fine head of hair, which he presented to Mother Nature. Enviable shag our little make them fabulously beautiful, and they know it! For most animals on the list of long and thick fur thick fur serves as a protection from the cold and other external influences in the wild.

Fluffy cow

Photo: Metro

long-haired guinea pig

Photo: Reddit

Siberian cat

Photo: TotallyWarm

Angora rabbit

Photo: Imgur

Gypsy Vanner

Photos: Heart of a Horse

Mary River Turtle with a punk haircut algae

Photo: Bored Panda

Scottish highland bulls

Photo: Abroad With Aaron

hairy caterpillar

Photo: 500px

Chicken Paduan breed

Photo: Reddit

Samoyed dog

Photo: Imgur

Afghan Hound

Photo: 500px

Komondor - dog mop

Photo: Saved by Dogs

Curly budgie

Photo: Unknown

Spotted apatelodes

Photos: Earth Touch News

China silk chicken

Photo: BackYardChickens

Hairy Pig

Photo: Darlin

Vallisskie blacknose sheep

Photo: Bored Panda

Norwegian Forest Cat

Photo: Bored Panda

Fluffy hamster eating broccoli

Photo: Aztadom

Pigeon with curls

Photo: Imgur

Nature - the best stylist and hairdresser. I can not take your eyes off of the living creatures of nature! Your friends can not determine the choice of a new hairstyle? Show them hairstyles animals to be always in the trend!

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