Washing hair - 8 dangerous mistakes

We present you 8 the standard errors that people often make while washing their hair. The appearance of hair depends on how you wash your hair. Excess sebum, excessive dryness or lack of volume — the total consequences of wrong hair care products.

1. Foam too much

The view that the scalp is cleaned better when the shampoo gives lots of foam, wrong. Specialists trichologists proven that too much foam makes the strands hard, they can dry up. Excess flocculants (foaming agent) is very dangerous, especially for colored and curly hair that's prone to dehydration.

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2. Washing hair with hot water

Many people prefer to carry out the washing with very hot water, thinking that it more effectively helps to remove contamination. In fact, hot water is very harmful to the health of the hair: it causes loss of luster. Warm water, on the contrary, helps to maintain hydration of the scalp at the desired level. In addition, it facilitates the absorption of moisturizing components for conditioning hair.3. Continuous use of only one type of shampoo

Using the same shampoo throughout the year may not produce the expected benefits, as the sensitivity of follicles to a certain bioformula reduced. To change the kind of shampoo that fits your hair type, it should be every 8-10 weeks: this is important to prevent buildup of certain ingredients (e.g. peroxides or silicone) in the roots of the hair.

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4. Applying shampoo to dry hair

Another common mistake is to avoid the wetting of the strands with water before applying detergent. When the scalp and strands partially dry remedy hair care will not operate at full capacity. 5. Use shampoo only in one area of the head

As noted by canadian social scientists, applying the detergent is always in the same area of the scalp — crown. Try to alternate the areas that soaked in shampoo from the neck up to the crown of the head, from forehead to nape. 6. Excessive friction during washing

Scalp very sensitive, and excessive friction during shampooing can lead to damage of the capillary network in the epidermis, not to mention the fact that the hair from becoming brittle. When you massage the scalp when washing, reduce the pressure and make a light circular motion. 7. Daily washing hair

Hair health may be compromised by daily shampooing, as cosmetic ingredients are not always positively affect the natural pH balance. When using such a cosmetic product in doses, it stimulates hair growth, hydration of the scalp and protection from aggressive environmental factors are normal. When hair is washed daily, natural lubrication is washed away, and the sebaceous glands become hyperactive. Then the strands becoming matted ugly.8. Reusable shampoo

Similarly, it is wrong to repeat the soaping and rinsing several times. If you overdo the amount of shampoo, there is a risk of violation of the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp. It is fraught with itching and other problems associated with excessive dehydration of the scalp.

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Source: natural-medicine.ru


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