Tech shout: to cry was healing

Have you ever wondered why we want to cry out of anger or when you are very scared? The Creek itself is just bursting out of the chest outward. It turns out that this is not mere whimsy or some kind of instinct. In this way our body tries to get rid of it settled in the detrimental energy. Healing forces are trying to liberate the body from its effects, the body tries to throw her off — and therefore escapes the Creek. However, not everyone is such a cry is healing — about this here and will be discussed.

Scream from fear or anger — it's like a high fever during the illness. High temperature is a sign of the body's fight against disease, the inclusion of protective forces. In itself it is unsafe. But worse, if our body and not even trying to fight it, do not include these natural protective features, and just quietly fade from the inside without reacting to the disease, not increasing the temperature.

Similarly, shouting: it is not always safe, and even worse when you want to shout, and already everything inside just screams of fear or anger, and you forcibly suppress the cry keep to himself, not letting out because of my upbringing, or the rules of propriety, or because of the situation, which supposedly is not supposed to cry.

In this case, you behave in the same way as those people who are already with a small increase in temperature immediately take a pill to knock her, I think that thus there will be healing. In reality, they prevent the body and prevent it to cope with the disease, not allowed to work for private the healing power of the body. In the end, the temperature goes, but the disease remains, hiding until the time to resume again, and maybe even in a different body.

But this does not mean that the people who are so shrilly and loudly shouting right in that his behavior. It is not necessary here to follow their example.

It is a delicate issue to understand here you must be very careful to understand the essence and not miss the most serious and important. As we have said, the Creek itself is not always safe. The screams are quite different in nature. Nature gave man a cry as a means for healing, as one of the body's defenses. Our task is to learn to use this power for the purpose. But most people don't know about it and use that power properly.

Why is the green Creek, and on the contrary, Deplete the Creek. Ultimately, it all depends on us how we use the Creek, do we make it a vehicle for healing, or he can turn into a tool for destruction.

A lot of people are instinctively feeling that they need to release anger, heal — used to shout, not even restrain themselves — they are making a terrible mistake.

The essence of this error is that they don't just scream, they shout at other people!

And you know what that means? Just imagine what any sick person with a contagious disease will not be treated yourself, and instead begin to spread their infection to other people, infecting them with his disease, while thinking that he is so get rid of it. But healing will not happen. On the contrary, the disease begins to spread throughout its environment, patients, next will be so many that nobody can be healed. And even if he healed himself, then someone soon, be sure to get infected again, because all around are already sick!

Similarly, in the case where the man was angry shouting at the people that are around him.

Deceived in the fact that in this way he will get rid of the destructive energy in yourself, in fact, he transmits it to others. Most people will also pass it on, and in the end, these people — carriers of destructive power will be so many around that it will come back to haunt initially screaming at the other person. Therefore, a destructive cry for other people — not the best way to get rid of his anger and wrath, and even on the contrary, the anger will increase in the world.

Though even if you're shouting alone, it does not mean that a cry is cleansing. In this case, the Creek can also become destructive, because most people don't know how to get rid of fear or anger when things aren't viewers and listeners. If these people are shouting alone, they Deplete the Creek has a negative impact on their own organism, its internal organs and systems.

Approximately the same situation occurs when you have to shout very desirable, but impossible. In this case, the internal destructive energy and remains inside the not finding out, and also begins to destroy the body from the inside.

The way out of these situations, of course. And it is quite simple. You just need to give up the usual Creek, transforming it into a healing cry. A common cry in most cases is destructive, it does not lead to healing, and only destroys people around and the screaming. If the technique of scream is not correct, it increases the effect of destructive forces in the body. And only a cleansing, healing cry is able to deliver us from the wrath, anger and destruction.

Order your cry was healing, not destructive, we must learn to combine it with proper breathing. Breath — the main difference between these two types of scream. Only proper breathing will give you a guarantee that your cry will be healing.


1. Place.

Need to find a secluded place so nobody heard: forest, river, sea, etc. If, for example, the sea will storm, it's also will make you scream, inaudible to others, and around loud noises will help you loosen up.

2. Breath.

Taking any comfortable posture, preferably with a flat back, start to perform a full deep cycles of breathing through the nose. Gradually making the breath slow and calm. During inhalation and exhalation measured start to count: one, two, three... in this rhythm to one account, accounted for approximately one second.

3. Rhythm.

Adjust the rhythm of breathing: inhale on three counts, and exhale for six accounts. Do several cycles of this breath, and then take the breaths in through the nose and exhalations through the mouth, keeping the rhythm of the breath (so that the exhalation was twice longer than inhalation). Next, go to the next technique.

4. Sound.

On the exhale you still make mouth, begin to emit a silent sound ‘Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah’. First hardly audible, almost a whisper, then a little louder, so that there is only a hissing sound. When it will be easy, continue to emit a soft hissing sound ‘a-a-a-a’ louder — loud whisper, then connect the voice, louder, louder and louder!
First, the sound of the voice will be quite low, but will gradually become higher and higher. Increase the sound until, until it becomes a cry: ‘Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah!’ Next, encourage your cry has reached the maximum possible volume.

5. Visualization.

Start to imagine that along with your shout you get rid of the adverse energy as it goes away from your body, and inside instead, there is a freedom and ease. When you find that the sound of your voice was a pleasant, melodious, sonorous and bright, when you will cover the fun from the purity of the sound of your relaxed voice — you will feel — it is a healing cry! The vibration of your voice turned into creative!

At first, may sound you will have a little constrained and weak. But it goes with the training. Don't be afraid of the fact that sound can be dissonant, harsh, unpleasant. Nothing terrible is not here. Just like that and out these harmful vibrations, because they are always inharmonious and dissonant. Repeat until Your voice will not be loud, relaxed and most open, free, sonorous cry.

This technique is of great help in shout if you have overcome anger or fear. Though even if you just failed somewhere more private to practice the healing scream and free yourself from the harmful destructive energies — it does not matter if you make the practice a bit later at the first opportunity of solitude.

Before you exercise, you only need to remember the circumstances, to liven up inside the feelings that have caused you anger or fear, once again causes a stir them and not allowing them to go deep inside, not allowing them to perform their destructive function. As soon as you think everything, just do the exercise ‘Creek’, and finish it when you fully feel that your voice was melodious and harmonious, and your body began to radiate creative energy.published


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