Why do yoga

"Why should I practice yoga?", "What do I give yoga?", "Would not it be time spent in vain?" - These questions asked by most beginners. I'll try to answer them, do not claim to be complete answer.

First (for many it is the most important thing), yoga gives a person's health and longevity. For a healthy person (although finding a fully healthy person is very difficult) Yoga - is the ability to maintain good health; for a person suffering from various diseases of yoga - it is a way to restore health. Given that in the modern world is constantly on the person affected by a huge number of various unfavorable factors (radiation, magnetic storms, air pollution, electromagnetic radiation, etc.), yoga allows you to develop the ability to actively oppose such factors.

Secondly, yoga allows a person to gain lost to them earlier, harmonious relationship with nature and the universe.

Third, people practice yoga in perfection seizes his body and learns management mind and emotions.

Fourth, through practicing yoga person acquires the ability to work productively and correctly to relax.

Fifth, the yoga practitioner acquires self-confidence in their abilities.

Sixthly, yoga teaches benevolent towards others.

Seventh, yoga promotes the appearance of a person (unless, of course, he did not have before) independence, independence of thought.

One can cite and "Eighth", "Ninth", "Tenth" and so on, but as I mentioned, this enumeration can take half of the book. Therefore limited to the above points, the more so because, in my opinion, they are enough to convince any man that yoga can bring enormous, virtually inestimable favor.


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