Yoga house

Megan Kearney (Megan Kearney) has launched a new business-the chip is a mobile yoga classes. Called his idea Megan MOBI yogi. According to a new entrepreneur, people will not have to allocate time from their tight work schedule.

Now they will be able to "call yoga" yourself in the home or right to work in the office or, indeed, anywhere they want.

To order a yoga all as MOBI yogi there are no restrictions: neither age nor mental development. "On the contrary, says Megan, — yoga should be popularized so I specifically teach yoga for pregnant women, cancer patients and even babies.

Another plus of this yoga is that you home will be more comfortable, and more convenient. By the way, she Megan began practicing yoga not so long ago – in 2008 after he suffered a severe back injury.

Then, yoga has helped Megan to come back to life: to renew the moral and physical strength, so she is sure that there are no such people who would yoga.

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