Mobi-One - flying taxi from the company AirSpaceX

Forty nine million five hundred forty two thousand eight hundred nine

At the recently concluded international auto show NAIAS, held this time in Detroit (USA), renowned American manufacturer AirSpaceX invited the attention of the General public a unique development of electric aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing. The device received the code name of Mobi-One, it is equipped with electric motors that is designed for the simultaneous transportation of passengers and cargo. The main purpose of the camera – work in the service of the "flying taxi" that will relieve the terrestrial network and the existing transport infrastructure. Mobi-One developed initially by the efforts of the DAC, after which he was given for revision of the subsidiary AirSpaceX.

Sixty seven million seventeen thousand five hundred twelve

As described on the forum, this unit allows to deliver passengers and cargo using the high resolution camera with the settings of the DVR dahua, satellite navigation and other equipment from point a to point B. All components and mechanisms are made as low as possible (not to the detriment of security and functionality). This is intentional for achieving a high competitive ability of the device and increased efficiency. The aircraft is equipped with two rotary wings, each of which is equipped with four independent from each other electric motors. Even two or three of them will not lead to an emergency situation, the remaining working engines, you will make a soft secure fit.

Mobi-One is designed to carry 2-4 passengers with Luggage weighing up to 200 kg. Maximum speed reaches 400 km/hour, cruising around 245. The only problem is the dependence on battery – the range of the apparatus is about 50 km from the point of supply. Like any modern product, Mobi-One has got an intelligent control system, which enables the camera in autopilot mode or to use the services of a human pilot. The device is equipped with an alarm system duty service in the event of any emergency, in addition, it is able to work absolutely safe from the point of view of possible collision routes.
Taxi is not the only possible purpose of Mobi-One: it can be used emergency and medical services for the transportation and evacuation of sick, wounded, victims of earthquakes and floods, man-made disasters. In addition, the development became interested in the military, they're going to use a Moby for intelligence operations, and implementation of remote monitoring. All of this will be in the future and in the near future, the company AirSpaceX plans to create a flying taxi cab company in the amount of about 2500 units in most major cities in the U.S. by 2025.

Seven million one hundred eighty two thousand seven hundred forty two


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