We were on the road easier, because we can always play the fool

Taxi driver - it's one of those professions that are considered mostly male. The taxi service, where for six years running from Minsk Alesia Salanovich, women make up only about three percent of the total number of drivers. Why are so few of them, the difficulty of such work for women, and what unexpected situations encountered over the years in a taxi - in an interview with Alesya.

As the police turn into a taxi

"I'm originally from Minsk, but almost my entire adult life lived in Yakutia, where he served in the militia (there was a sergeant). I came back here 12 years ago and, of course, began to look for a job. Again, I do not want to put on the form, and the oath still another country gave. By education I am an economist, but during his studies realized it was not mine. I - a creative person: play guitar, I write poems and songs, like communication and new experiences. So banal sort through the papers did not want to.

But in fact, a strange city to find a good job difficult: at first I worked in the market and in real estate agency ... And then my sister saw an ad in the newspaper that in Minsk wants to create a female taxi service and they need a girl-drivers. Once I refused the idea, I thought, "Where am I and where a taxi ?!", and how scary it was - because passengers can be different! But then I judged soberly: I kept driving, I drive very well, people like - you should try ... And here I am in a taxi for six years ".

A woman and a taxi - things compatible?

"Yes, women taxi drivers in Belarus not so much. In Minsk more common, and in the province of just one. When I go to the city and see another woman, a taxi driver, and even strangers from another service - always welcome as their own.

Many passengers say they are very sorry that we have few women drivers and no feminine taxi service. Because the parents, such as psychologically easier and simpler small children with women send, and a whole lot of girls are afraid to sit down, especially in the evening or at night, in the car to an unknown man, even the taxi driver. With women it quieter.

But especially the influx of the fair sex who are ready to get in a taxi, never observed. Firstly, the stereotypes. And secondly, it's still a pretty hard work. When some technical issues arise (tire change, or remove the battery to replace a light bulb in the "cilium", as it should be in my car) - men, of course, much easier to sort this out. And psychologically exhausting. Here, you and sitting in traffic jams, when late for a challenge and hideous movement in Minsk, and drunken passengers ...

Well, and, unlike the men, a woman is very little free time, especially for sleep. Man what? He got up, ate and went to work. And me and put his head to wash, make up, cook homemade food, ssoboyki add up, get out, run to the shops ... But it's not only taksistok - how our world works.

But we women, the taxi driver, it's easier on the road in the sense that we can always "play the fool" and make big innocent eyes. Well, you will twist at the temple - the main thing not to forget the hair in bright paint! "

About the reaction of passengers

"Seeing a woman behind the wheel of a taxi, our people are not particularly used to. The reactions are different, sometimes diametrically opposed. Someone starts to laugh, someone once trusted, and who, on the contrary, pointedly fastens all belts and hold the handle on the door, but the direction of travel is relaxing. A couple of times, I must admit, it was such that refused to sit down. But on the other hand, the service "sober driver" does not just trust me maintain cool brand-new cars.

It was the case, some guy drunk, sitting in the car, said: "Oh, cool: the wheelbarrow, and the woman at once - all inclusive!" But I have such jokes immediately chop off at the root ".

About timetable and earnings

"What I like in a taxi, so it's more or less a free schedule. That is, I do not need to get up every day at the alarm clock at 5 am strongly (although it happens quite often - because in the morning you can make more money). But in general, I come to work when it is convenient me: pass examination by a doctor, a mechanic, and write shift. That is, I mistress of his time. I work, usually for 8-10 hours. Can and four, if not very good feel, for example, or where I need something. There will not be fired for it, but you yourself must not get carried away "free schedule" because so little time left with an empty purse.

When there are no calls can be easily read, surf the Internet, chat with fellow taxi drivers on the Internet radio, and even the boys this time use to surf the "museums", as we call them: the museum "Hippo", the museum " Crown, "etc.

Contrary to all the rumors, telling that in today's Belarusian taxi especially not earn. And repair machines pulls a lot of money. Plus refueling, other benefits ... And even more so after the recent crisis and the sharp appreciation of the cost of fuel, and even a huge number of taxis around and hard tariff dumping ...

On average, for a change, I bump 100-200 kilometers. Trips may be 6-10, but can reach up to 18. There are orders and Brest, and go to Moscow. The most "productive" days - is usually Friday (especially at night) and output, but also the first day of holidays and days when the "impenetrable" weather conditions, ie rain or snow ".

About the uniforms and the dangers that lie in wait for a taxi driver

"From harm's way, I never wear to work skirts and dresses - only pants, even in the hottest weather. For you do not have to be anything calling and provocative. No expensive jewelry - can withdraw. Male taxi drivers never wear ties, and if they enter a form of taxi drivers (such rumors go), we hope, will manage without them. Very easy to tie to strangle the driver. Therefore, taxi drivers compulsory set itself high on the back seat, and try their best to bend the steering wheel if the passenger behind.

And the attacks are more common than we would like. I know several cases where drivers choked hands noose to steal a car or steal money. Puts a toy gun to the head (but then in such a situation there is no time to think, true or not), puts a knife on the side.

Most often, it all comes late in the evening or at night - then many drunk and abnormal sit in a taxi. So I do not work at night, and a guy my mind. He does for me is experiencing always accompanies every day to work with the words: "Look carefully!" But no means of self-defense, but a smile, I do not drive themselves - and sit down for another long.

Especially because, by and large, I only had one situation where I was really scared. To me I sat two men, apparently on drugs, with a very strange person. And one of them all the way shouted at me: "Slower !!!", although the rate has been almost 10 km / h. I myself was praying to get there faster and stay alive and well. Even with the money they did not want to take, legs only carry. But a second, more adequate, ran after the car and threw me out the window ...

In Minsk there was a case when a young killed a taxi driver. Guys colleagues every day on the court went. His only sister left, and we were like a support group. On the last day attracted television, column drove up to the courthouse, wrote a letter with a request to the higher measure ... "

The taxi driver - not a pilot, he is just learning ...

"Time for you to come to the place where you want to pick up a passenger, the taxi driver is given from one to seven minutes. If it is the time or slugging portion, for example, dug over, it happens that a given 9, and a maximum - 11 minutes. Sometimes she wonder how I managed to find and address.

For now, almost everyone has a car and a taxi cause in most cases only in situations where to go somewhere urgently need. And if you are delayed, summing passenger, it affects the reputation of the service, and each complaint is entered into a private matter taxi driver. And there are stations where drivers for being late or some dissatisfaction with the way the passenger excluded from traveling for three hours ".

Secrets of communication with passengers "tipsy"

"Usually I try not initially take drunken or unruly passengers. But if all that happens, it's not a trip, and torment. First of all, they love to find fault with the fact that I do not break rules. Like, they always turn here, so what, what's solid double! Begins to explain that I was right more, and they'll drunk, they have emotions ...

If there are any situations with inadequate behavior on the road, I start the car "throw" of the band in the lane - acting. They think, "Well it, this hysterical!" And in general, easier to soothe men: garknesh a couple of times or a car "are leaving" - sit quieter water below the grass. With drunken women harder. Obscenities at them naoresh - uncomfortable (especially if it's a woman my mother's age), obzovesh - acting exactly the opposite, maneuvering the machine they, too, on the drum ... calm tone and attempt to shame not all are. So usually just keep quiet, do not say anything, we reach the place and almost baptized, it was over.

I remember that was a case where a bloody guy (he was drunk, stabbed himself somehow there stabbed) Three taxis refused to take. She was with him - all the nerves. Well, I'm sorry. Bed in the cabin some polyethylene, which is found in the trunk, and dovezla them Voronianskogo to emergency hospital ".

About taxi driver code of honor, superstitions and traditions

"His code of honor, we have, over the years he has gained: we will never not pick up his passengers and the parking lot is always becoming in the end of the queue.

When there was an explosion in the Minsk metro and hurricane flooding the streets, many taxi drivers free of charge carried the injured and those who could not get home. While there were those who, on the contrary, in these extreme situations, cheat prices at an exorbitant price, profiting from someone else's misfortune. But it all depends on the person.

Many taxi drivers have a rule not to take money from the elderly. We sat down once to me three pensioner grandmother, grandfather and great-grandmother. They did not believe me when I said at the end of a trip that will not take money. Asked to take at least half. And then they called a taxi service, wrote to thank me. And another grandmother called a taxi to get to the hospital. And I also told her that the money is not needed. Grandma is very touched: "I like you, - he says - a nice gift before death did ..."

As for signs, then they are different. Someone said that if the first passenger in a controversial change will fall, so the whole day will be bad. And someone, in contrast, is happy if the first bad trip. Like, the rest will be good ".

About taxi driver friendship

"We, the taxi drivers are very friendly. Constantly organize some meetings, sincere and cheerful, field trips with tents and barbecue ... It is even when one of our children got married and asked us to organize his wedding cortege of taxis. It was unusual. The boys go fishing together, someone in the Crimea and Egypt, in the bath, in a cafe, in a pizzeria.

One was a meeting of taxi drivers in Minsk, Grodno and Soligorsk. The result was a cortege of 25 cars somewhere. We drove through the city, signaled astonished people were photographed near the National Library and drove out of the city overnight. So we can relax!

And the site we have a - "Taxi taxi drivers and Belarus" (taxist.by). It so happened that made him by chance I have, nothing much without understanding, but had to learn ... It turned out to be to my liking, so I hope that in the future I will be engaged in creation of sites. To date, our taxi driver portal registered more than 11 thousand users. There, we talk a lot in the forum, discussing some of his professional, business and problems, and the birthday of the site for us was another occasion to meet and something to celebrate. And we live! "


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