A simple explanation 10. What determines the ratio of female to male.

Fifty three million nine hundred sixty nine thousand three hundred sixty four

I believe that most, if not all, the same situation was observed. Public place, a man and a woman discussing something. The so-called woman, referring to her man, does not hesitate to surrounding uses expressions like "what a moron" "I told you so" and similar things. All the appropriate tone with the volume closer to the maximum. So I want to mute something like the wall in the face. Man is thus not something that takes no effort at least to draw her attention to this behavior, and behaving in a calm and even as it is guilty, and even justified. I even wish some video could find, but I don't want shit to be picked.

Happens that these men realize that this is wrong. Turn to friends, acquaintances, talk, ask advice. Here it is possible to respond to this?

To complain, to cry about it nothing. There is only one reason to blame. Because it's simple. Women, as being driven, behave as they allow their men. The only way the only way. Neither right nor left, not an inch, not for a second. And if your woman has dared to raise his voice at you is you let her. If it allowed the use of some dismissive, derogatory vocabulary in your address – are you a sheep he let her talk to you like that. Any, any disrespectful behavior by women against men happens with the permission of this man and nothing else.

It's funny that many men, if not most who have this will say, "I wouldn't let her this, she won...". And fuck you you fucking do. Allowed allowed the disease. Only allowed does not mean stood on the pedestal and solemnly declared – "I Resolve to shit on me!". No. Everything happens just so that it seems to be "not allowed, and she won...". Somewhere silent, "paid no attention". Somewhere noticed, but "proper upbringing does not allow". Somewhere it seems to have people even given to understand that the woman and fuck the shit of his face tattooed, and he's so moronic smile – "Well, women... well what can you do?". What to do, asshole? Wrap around bleat, time enrolled into insignificance! Sit in the shit! But if no, not enrolled, like a dog. Growled – kicked. Bit – and shot the fuck out. Because the animal in the woman prevails over their rudimentary intelligence, and they understand only force. And you want this power, to see to his men. To the hand in his pants guy sticks it to his, and there are two steel ball, rather than wool.

That's how these funny animals, sadly. Manage samotny instinct compels them to constantly test her man for stability. And verbal podebki is one of the ways. In response to fuck with my head or similar, but harder to know who's in charge. Or, if you have already broken the Bank, to take more stringent measures. And the only way. You don't do that you're fucked. Border apart, and it only gets worse. To negotiate with a woman impossible. Attempts to negotiate are perceived by them as weakness. Only from a position of strength. And the only way. From the very beginning. Because all disasters begin with small. Everything. None of them happened suddenly.

I wish you all happiness in your personal life.



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