10 movies, the happy ending which was a lie

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Famous movies are sometimes ambiguous and not without lots of fan theories about the possible development of the story after the final events.

We in the Website have left this subject without attention and decided to share with you the possible assumptions about how it actually ended many of your favorite paintings.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The finale of the film: Joel and Clementine listen to audio tapes of their confessions to the memory erasing, revealing all their flaws and negative sides, but decide to give each other a chance and start all over again.

Depressing truth: we have seen the effects of the use of technology to erase the memory and return the three men. Two of them hardly could again give love a chance, the third was doomed to collapse his career and the whole company in the bargain. How about those who have removed a failed relationship, and a horrible traumatic experiences? What for them will be the return of memories?

Avatar Avatar

The finale of the film: the na'vi won and expelled the Terrans with Pandora. Jake became the leader of the clan and moved into the body of the avatar.

Depressing truth: people came to Pandora to mine unobtanium, which would have helped them to survive. The original purpose of Jake was negotiating to avoid conflict, but he deviated from his mission, unleashed military actions, and in fact has doomed their world to death.

500 days of summer (500) Days of Summer

The final film: That puts an end to the relationship with summer and comes in for an interview at an architectural company, where he meets Autumn, assigning it a date, thereby starting a new cycle.

Depressing truth: despite the fact that Autumn — pretty cute girl, she negates all the progress the character made up for the last time. That actually returns to where he began, starting a relationship too soon, and who knows where it will lead.

Django unchained Django Unchained

The final film: Django manages to escape from the quarry, and he returns to Candyland. He kills the minions of Calvin, frees his wife and blows up the mansion.

Depressingly true: being on the run for killing a rich white man and dozens of others, being on the pre-war South, Django literally is in the worst situation possible. His face is on every wanted poster, and there's no chance that he will be able to get to the North.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II

The final film: Harry Potter defeats Voldemort, the surviving death eaters are sent to Azkaban, come the quiet times.

Depressing truth: the Ministry of magic in shambles, Hogwarts is in ruins, killed many wizards, Dementors on the loose. The British magical society on the brink. To continue?

Gravity Gravity

The final film: after passing many tests, Ryan stone until the end fighting for his life and returns to Earth.

Depressingly true: space debris, which is almost part of the story, one way or another leads to the utter uselessness of near space for practical use. Attempt stone to survive for 90 minutes of the film diverts attention from the fact that the future of space travel for at least the next 100 years is impossible.

The Beginning Of Inception

The final film: the end picture is mixed. Dominic Cobb completes the case and gets the chance to return home to the USA and see his children. Or staying asleep? However, it was already not care, he's happy.

Depressing truth: regardless of the possible endings, the fact remains that the work done is meant fraudulent actions with the purpose of the fall of the Empire Fisher. Nevertheless, the team without hesitation fulfilled the mission that may have led to irreversible consequences for the entire world.

Life of PI Life of Pi

The finale of the film: the hero offers to choose story: the tale of a boy trapped in a boat with a tiger, or a tragic story of despair and murder. The writer chooses the one with the tiger.

Depressingly true: "Life of PI" offers 2 versions of what happened in the boat, rejecting the more rational option, the audience start to believe it. However, in fact the whole film that you watched, was a lie.

Star wars. Episode VI: return of the Jedi Star Wars. Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

The final film: the insurgency wins in the battle of Endor, the second "death Star" destroyed, the Galaxy is celebrating a great victory over the Sith Empire.

Depressing truth: the war is far from over, since the Empire was not destroyed along with the Emperor. Previous events carried enough of a threat and without the presence of Palpatine, so he was not the only driving force.

Recall all Total Recall

The finale of the film: despite the victory of administration over the Martian resistance, Carl Hauser manages to break through to the generator of the atmosphere suitable for breathing, and run it.

Depressing truth: the result of the solution of the conflict of the film between the air tycoon and the rebels leads to the beginning of a new struggle for power. One problem replaced by another.

Remember that these are just theories, they are controversial, and you don't have to take it all on faith. In addition, some of these films have already received or will receive a sequel soon, which will put everything in its place.

Still, everyone has their own truth, and we believe that actually all ended well.

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